How Much Is It to Buy Crypto Via Bank Wire? A Detailed Guide

how much is it to buy crypto via bank wire

Wondering how much is it to buy crypto via bank wire? Purchasing cryptocurrencies using bank wire is still popular in the constantly changing world of digital currencies because it is secure and can be scaled for larger transactions. A cryptocurrency website called PlasBit Exchange enables users to purchase virtual currencies using bank wire transfers.

Crucially, it is an appealing choice for people trying to cut transaction expenses because it offers a reasonable price of just 1% for the wiring of fiat money from your bank to your wallet. This article examines the expenses and complexities of using bank wire transfers to buy cryptocurrency. We will answer the question of how much is it to buy crypto via bank wire, examining several variables that affect the fees, including exchange rates, bank and cryptocurrency exchange service fees, and additional overheads.

Knowing these expenses is essential for making wise investing decisions, regardless of experience level in the cryptocurrency market. Let's analyze how to navigate the intricate world of bank wire transactions in the cryptocurrency space and break down the associated fees, emphasizing how our exchange can effectively and affordably execute these transactions.

Understanding the Two-Step Process of Buying Crypto via Bank Wire on PlasBit

Buying cryptocurrency using a bank wire on PlasBit is divided into two simple procedures for user convenience and security. Here's a closer look at each stage in question:

Completing KYC and Making a SEPA Wire Transfer

  1. Know Your Customer (KYC) Process: Before initiating any transfers, you must complete the KYC process. This is presenting identity papers, like a passport or driver's license, to meet legal criteria and guarantee the security of the transaction.
  2. SEPA Wire Transfer: Following KYC approval, you can use a SEPA wire transfer to move money from your bank account to your PlasBit wallet. Easy euro transfers across European nations are made possible by this system, which usually processes transactions in a few business days.

Exchanging Fiat for Cryptocurrency

After receiving SEPA funds, you are ready to buy the desirable cryptocurrency. The exchange feature of the platform will assist you in converting the balance of your account in euros into any cryptocurrency available on the platform. There are many supported trading pairs, and the platform also provides real-time market information.

How to Buy Crypto via Bank Wire Using PlasBit Exchange

Buying cryptocurrency using a bank wire is simple when using our platform. From selecting your preferred cryptocurrency, guessing how much is it to buy crypto via bank wire, to making a secure transaction from your bank, this comprehensive guide will take you through the entire procedure. Here's how to move forward:

Step 1: Initiating a Deposit

First, you need to open the website. After that, go to your PlasBit account's deposit area to get started. You can find the “Deposit” tab on the right side of your homepage under the “Transactions” tab.

how much is it to buy crypto via bank wire

Step 2: Entering the Amount to Deposit

The amount you want to add to your wallet will be entered here in EURO. Please note that the total amount under the "you spend" column will automatically include a 1% fee. This cost covers transaction processing and guarantees safe and effective transfer handling.

how much is it to buy crypto via bank wire

Step 3: Selecting the SEPA Bank Transfer

Click the “Deposit” button in the SEPA wire bank area after inputting your deposit amount. After that, you'll be taken to the "bank details" page. This page contains all the information, including PlasBit's financial details, needed to complete the bank wire transfer.

how much is it to buy crypto via bank wire

Step 4: Completing the Wire Transfer

Once you have the bank details, you need to log into your own bank account to initiate the wire transfer. Use the precise bank information on PlasBit's "bank details" page. You must include the unique reference code PlasBit gave in your transfer information. This code is crucial because it ensures the money is correctly credited to your PlasBit account by immediately connecting the deposit. Ensure your PlasBit account name and the name on the bank account you are transferring money from match during the transfer procedure. This step is essential for verification and avoiding any account mismatch problems.

how much is it to buy crypto via bank wire

Step 5: Exchange Fiat for Crypto

The balance in your wallet will be adjusted by PlasBit as soon as transfers department confirms that they have received your currency. Then, you can buy cryptocurrencies on the platform with this balance. PlasBit offers a wide range of trading options under the "Advanced" tab for users who want more sophisticated trading techniques.

Here, purchasing cryptocurrencies comes in two options. First, "Market Order" enables you to buy at the going rate for the market. Although the transaction is instantaneous, market changes may cause the price to shift slightly. Second, "Limit Order" lets you decide on the price you want to pay for the cryptocurrency. Only when the market price equals your predetermined price will the transaction take place.

Before finishing the transaction, verify every detail of your order, including the quantity of bitcoin you're purchasing and the total cost. Verify the purchase once everything appears to be to finish the transaction.

Why You Should Control Your Funds with Cryptocurrency

Financial independence is becoming more and more important in this day and age, and PlasBit promotes a revolutionary method of handling personal finances. Our stance is unambiguous: people ought to take charge of their financial resources by switching from conventional fiat currencies—like euros sitting in bank accounts—to cryptocurrency investments.

This change lets you control your finances directly and frees you from the never-ending rat race and traditional financial system.

Break Free from Traditional Financial Limitations

Traditional banking systems are burdened with countless intermediaries, transaction fees, and regulatory limitations that constrict your financial autonomy. When you convert your savings into cryptocurrency, you automatically remove yourself from these chains and limitations.

Cryptocurrencies run on unique, decentralized technological backbones, meaning that you have a higher degree of freedom and power than banks themselves. In this system, you have direct, unmediated access and control over your financial funds as they accumulate in real time.

Harness the Power of Decentralization

Blockchain technology, a decentralized ledger that securely and transparently records all transactions, is the foundation of cryptocurrencies. With this technology, you can be sure that you control your financial affairs and that no one else can interfere. Compared to typical bank accounts, it lowers the chance of manipulation, boosts transaction security, and lessens the possibility of illegal access.

Achieve True Financial Autonomy

The idea of holding cryptocurrencies changes the definition of "having money." If you have fiat currencies, the political decisions of the government, as well as inflation rates, constantly influence their value and stability.

By holding cryptocurrencies, you get a new form of the relative stability of your money. It allows you to have your traditional assets and expand their variety beyond the limits of the existing market instruments. They could also protect you against inflation or other economic values that might depreciate the value of your money.

Participate in the Global Economy

Owning cryptocurrency is about more than just owning money—it includes you in a global economy. It's cross-border, universally applicable money. You can use it in any country without switching it; you don't have to pay the exorbitant fees typical of cross-border financial transactions.

Because of its global nature, cryptocurrency can also be used to engage in investments and transactions that would not otherwise be possible with traditional money.

Plan for the Future

Investing in cryptocurrencies, using the likes of our platform, not only presents financial freedom but also opens the gate for the opportunity to fund your future as the new technologies expand. It has been beyond doubt that digital currencies have gained momentum over the last years, with cryptocurrency payments gaining more acceptance and being increasingly integrated into everyday business operations.

How Much Is It to Buy Crypto Via Bank Wire

The Advantages of Exchanging Fiat for Cryptocurrency on PlasBit

Using our exchange to convert your fiat currency into cryptocurrencies can revolutionize how you think about personal and commercial finance. We go into more detail about the major advantages that this adjustment may have below:

Reduced Transaction Costs

Cryptocurrencies make transactions possible between the sender and the receiver without the involvement of any financial intermediaries, thus also not incurring the associated costs. The transaction fees are lower than in traditional systems, especially when making cross-border transactions.

Converting the currencies and handling the transactions between national banks could imply high fees that cryptocurrencies eliminate. This could be particularly important for companies that frequently make international transactions and can save on these fees and reallocate the capital to some other investment or expenditure.

Faster Transaction Speeds

One of the main benefits of blockchain technology is its high efficiency, which leads to more accelerated transaction processing compared to traditional banking systems. For example, international wire transfers usually take from one to several business days to clear, whereas cryptocurrency transactions are conducted within minutes or even seconds.

Such rapid processing shortens the "clearing time, making liquidity advantages more powerful and offering individuals and companies extremely critical agility in financial decision-making and operational flexibility.

Increased Privacy and Security

Transactions involving cryptocurrencies are designed to secure the user's identity, and they require only a limited amount of personal information to be carried out. This stands in stark contrast to regular banking transactions, which may need a significant amount of personal information.

Additionally, blockchain architecture ensures that once a transaction is added to the ledger, it cannot be edited or deleted. This dramatically reduces the likelihood of fraudulent activity and unauthorized changes being made to transactions.

Accessibility and Inclusion

One of the most crucial aspects of the emergence of cryptocurrencies is democratizing the financial resource. They are available for everyone using the internet, meaning that a person does not necessarily need access to a bank or a bank account to access such means.

Within the most underserved and unbanked populations, hundreds of millions will experience technologies and instruments relevant to their savings and lending.

Investment Opportunities

Although the cryptocurrency market is regarded as highly volatile, it also provides significant chances for high-profit investments. By adding this type of investment to their portfolios, investors get direct access to new financial markets characterized by fast growth, which are particularly resistant to inflation.

Thus, while traditional assets may keep losing value or stagnate during periods of inflation or overall economic instability, cryptocurrency values may increase rapidly following this trend.


One of the characteristics of cryptocurrencies is that they are decentralized, which implies that any centralized authority, such as a government or a financial organization, does not control them.

Because of this decentralization, the possibility of manipulation or intervention is decreased, and the currency's stability and integrity may be improved over a longer period.

Innovative Uses and Technologies

When you invest in cryptocurrencies, you indirectly participate in developing cutting-edge blockchain technology, which has implications that extend beyond financial transactions.

Some examples are the enhancement of supply chain transparency, the provision of secure digital voting systems, and the management of digital identities and assets in a manner that is proof against tampering.

Hedge Against Inflation

A restricted supply of certain cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, is similar to the finite quantity of minerals, such as gold. The fact that they are scarce makes them a potentially valuable hedge against inflation, unlike fiat currencies, which might lose value due to inflation.

Throughout history, the value of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin has increased in tandem with the decline in the value of fiat currency. This has served as an efficient defense mechanism against the effects of inflationary pressures.

Exploring Alternative Paths to Financial Independence: Strategies Beyond the 9-5

When achieving financial independence, departing from the conventional 9 to 5 job model is frequently necessary. This section examines several different Bitcoin investment strategies to assist this quest. Each of these strategies offers a different strategy for independently accumulating wealth.

Stacking Sats

Stacking sats is a method of continually receiving small amounts of Bitcoin. It is effective due to its simplicity and benefit from the advantage of the compounding factor. Many crypto exchanges allow buying Bitcoin automatically regularly, daily, weekly, or monthly.

This method is similar to the ones used for regular savings, except that it may bring a higher profit due to the nature of the Bitcoin market. Otherwise, receiving Bitcoin for work through the various platforms providing cryptocurrencies as compensation for freelance jobs, completing some kinds of tasks, or pursuing a gig economy job is beneficial.

This is even more beneficial as it connects the workplace with an investment strategy that contributes to a better understanding of digital assets.

Dollar-Cost Averaging (DCA)

Dollar-cost averaging is a strategy designed to reduce the risk of volatility by applying a smaller and smoother investment in regular time intervals. For example, you may decide to invest a comfortable amount of your finances every month without considering the market's current price.

Many exchanges and investment platforms offer automation services from $10 to substantial investments, depending on your possibilities. This strategy can, by all means, reduce risk and the average cost of your Bitcoins and make the investment process smooth and less critical to price drops.

Buying and Holding (Hodling)

Hodling refers to the passive investment strategy when you buy Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies to hold them regardless of the market volatility. In such a way, you are purchasing Bitcoin and keeping it with the assumption that the value of this cryptocurrency will increase dramatically over the years.

For this method, it is necessary to have strong assumptions and beliefs regarding cryptocurrencies as a new, powerful financial technology. Moreover, hodl can be combined with the security of your investment by transferring your crypto to hardware wallets or other forms of cold storage, which will make it more secure for online threats and less prone to being sold at the time of decreasing market prices.

Leveraging Retirement Accounts

One of the ways to invest in cryptocurrencies is to incorporate them into your retirement planning. IRAs, in particular, are such a tool as they allow you to diversify your retirement investments, even to the extent of using cryptocurrencies.

Provided you choose to use a self-directed IRA, you may grow your holdings in a tax-advantaged account, preparing for your financial future in the long term. Nevertheless, seeking advisors or cryptocurrency IRA platforms is crucial to ensure compliance with rules from the start and avoid making mistakes that are part of the learning process.

Real Estate and Large Purchases with Bitcoin

When it comes to practical applications, the utilization of Bitcoin for substantial purchases such as real estate can significantly leverage the value appreciation of Bitcoin. In the realm of real estate transactions, some platforms specialize in employing cryptocurrency.

These platforms can make it easier to buy real estate with Bitcoin, which can make the process more straightforward and reduce the amount of money required for transactions compared to traditional currency acquisitions. You can negotiate directly with merchants prepared to accept Bitcoin if you prefer a more hands-on approach.

This necessitates the establishment of unambiguous agreements and the comprehension of the ramifications of major transactions involving cryptocurrencies, including the possibility of responsibilities for taxes.


PIasBit is a platform that helps people diversify their investments through the simple and secure process of buying cryptocurrencies via bank wire transactions. We believe that moving one's finances from conventional banks to cryptocurrencies is a long overdue change, which applies to everyone who strives to protect themselves and gain more freedom in their financial lives.

This is the very reason why we developed the system that allows buying crypto via bank transfer: so that everyone who is concerned about how much is it to buy crypto via bank wire in the modern financial system can switch to the more lucrative, less costly, and, therefore, more beneficial option that cryptocurrency has to offer.

Switching to PlasBit and buying cryptocurrencies via bank wire transfers is crucial for eventually moving personal finances from the traditional banking system. The change amounts to much more than accepting a new technology, although that will be part of the process. What people should do, though, is shift towards a completely different paradigm in their relationship with the financial sector.

By investing your fiat money in cryptocurrency, you put yourself in charge of the future in which financial transactions are no longer subordinated to the interests of traditional financial institutions that charge fees and control your daily transactions with their conditions. Thus, in the changing global financial situation, PIasBit will be an indispensable platform in the transformative process toward a new financial freedom and independence paradigm.

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