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Preserve Your Freedom Using Our Technology

We envision creating a self-reliant ecosystem that promotes the values of freedom, financial liberty, user privacy, and justice for all. Behind this website, there is more than just code. Beneath this website, there is an idea, and ideas are bulletproof.

PlasBit's Manifesto

PlasBit, established in 2020, is on a mission to liberate individuals from the grip of the banking system and government oversight. Our unwavering commitment is to build an autonomous ecosystem that equips everyone with the power to attain financial freedom and govern their own assets through our innovative solutions.
We're not just another cryptocurrency company. We’re a team of free-thinking techies who view the world differently and conduct ourselves accordingly. Our commitment is not just to the bottom line but rather to maintaining financial independence as a company, a unique approach that sets us apart. Unlike typical fintech startups, we have not raised funds from venture capital hedge funds or issued a native token. We believe in our cause, and we back our words by putting our money where our mouth is. That's why we are an entirely self-funded project, ensuring that we are not in the pocket of any large players, and we answer to NO ONE, giving you the confidence that our decisions are solely based on our mission and values.
Our primary focus at PlasBit is not on expanding to cater to millions of users, but on cultivating a close-knit community. We deeply value every member who aligns with our principles and recognizes the enhanced value of our services. Our users are not just customers, they are integral parts of our ecosystem and community.
At PlasBit, we offer more than just cryptocurrency services. We provide our users with a pathway to regain their sovereignty. Our privacy-oriented solutions allow our community to choose how they interact with their finances, whether it's spending cryptocurrency like fiat or converting fiat to cryptocurrency to escape the traditional financial system. Our ultimate goal is to empower our users to take control of their lives and their financial assets, to educate themselves, and, with the aid of our technology, to attain complete self- sovereignty.
We see technology, particularly cryptography, not just as a tool, but as a transformative power capable of reshaping social and political landscapes. We believe that the strategic application of cryptographic technologies can protect individual freedoms, empower personal sovereignty, and secure private communications against the intrusions of both governments and corporations. We aim to create a foundation for a society where individuals can freely manage their money as they wish and communicate without fear, Promoting an environment of true freedom and resistance against oppression. The traditional financial system is managed almost completely by humans, which means it also has a lot of room for human mistakes, greed, lack of integrity, and other flaws that we, as humans, possess. We wish to create a technology-based ecosystem that can't be destroyed or shut down. An ecosystem built on strong, indestructible code that will help our community reach financial freedom by controlling their own labor and property. Since mankind’s dawn, a handful of oppressors have accepted the responsibility over our lives that we should have accepted for ourselves. By doing so, they took our power. By doing nothing, we gave it away. It is now the time to take it back. We call for everyone who values their privacy and freedom to stand with us.

Our Commitments to the Community

Diverse Accessibility
To build a world where individuals harness technology, particularly encryption, to develop a society that cherishes and maintains personal sovereignty and freedom of speech.
Freedom Advocacy
We're committed to developing straightforward and reliable technology that allows everyone, regardless of who they are or where they're from, to transact and interact freely and seamlessly.
Cryptonomy Builder
Develop and distribute cryptographic tools, driving the mainstream adoption of Bitcoin, and educating our users on the vital importance of individual privacy and personal freedom.
Staying True To Our Core Values
Privacy First, Always
Empowering Lives with Education
Innovation and Development
Upholding Integrity in Every Aspect
Not bound by convention
Transparency Builds Trust
We believe that the essence of privacy is the ability to reveal your identity when desired and only when desired; with this in mind, we made it our mission to build an ecosystem that uses cryptography and decentralized digital money to put the power of this choice entirely in your hands.
Since the very beginning of humanity, people have been doing everything they can to defend their privacy through secret handshakes, couriers that move in the shadows, and whispering behind closed doors. With PlasBit’s technology, these outdated methods are no longer necessary.
Knowledge, like air, is vital to life. Like air, no one should be denied it. In order to achieve Personal and Financial freedom, you must learn about it and work for it. With this in mind, we are committed to providing our community with educational content to help them become financially literate, enabling them to make informed financial decisions
Our professionally crafted research articles, guides, and courses cover a wide range of topics, empowering individuals to pursue their interests and deepen their understanding. From beginner courses on Bitcoin to advanced guides on how to run a full node, our courses are designed to help you navigate the rabbit hole
Our goal is to simplify cryptocurrency education, enabling individuals to harness blockchain technology for their own benefit.
At Plasbit, We possess aa practical approach that demands pragmatism over theory as we are committed to innovation and pushing the boundaries to make a significant impact on the status quo. We believe that meaningful progress requires a solid grounding in reality. To effectively change the status quo, we must understand it thoroughly.
We consistently choose a long-term perspective when deciding what to develop next. That’s why our code is written in-house by developers who truly understand and share our vision. We minimize third-party integrations, focusing on providing users with authentic tools to trade, exchange, and spend cryptocurrency, all built on our own infrastructure and nodes. We are continually working towards complete technological independence in the future.
Integrity is our deepest and most fundamental principle, covering moral, intellectual, personal, and corporate aspects. It means consistency in our thoughts, words, and actions, as well as a strong commitment to the truth. We value integrity in both senses, ensuring our actions align with our words so we not only talk the talk but walk the walk.
Integrity builds trust, the foundation of the strongest relationships. Trust fosters openness and engagement, which are essential for improving the public perception of the crypto sector and creating a positive environment to drive the global adoption of cryptocurrency.
Integrity is our core value, and it permits no exceptions or compromises. No employee, user, or partner is exempt from this standard, and no one can allow us to compromise our own integrity.
Our unique approach stems from our independence and unwavering commitment to our founding principles. Having never raised any funds, we maintain full control over our direction, allowing us to operate with integrity and authenticity. Our success and genuine appreciation for our work are rooted in our dedication to doing what we believe is right and staying true to the core reasons we established this company.
We view ourselves as a community, though we acknowledge that our values and mission may not align with everyone. Those who are drawn to cryptocurrency solely for quick profits or portfolio diversification may find more suitable options among our competitors. We seek true believers who understand and embrace our principles, are dedicated to the quest for financial freedom, and advocate for Privacy as a Fundamental Right. If this resonates with you, PlasBit offers a haven of sanity in the often chaotic world of crypto.
Plasbit is a self-funded private company committed to full transparency. This dedication is evident in our fully automated products, transparent processes, clearly explained fees and the availability of comprehensive information about our company to anyone interested. While we prioritize privacy and only collect the necessary personal information required by authorities, we ensure that all information about us is accessible to our users.
PlasBit Sp z.o.o is a registered Polish company (NIP 5214002884) and operates under the regulation of the Polish Ministry of Finance, holding a license to perform activities in the field of virtual currencies (reference no. RDWW-650). Our headquarters are located at Villa Metro, Business House, ul. Puławska 145, Warsaw, 02-715, Poland.
Years operating
Over 150K+
Team members
Meet The Team
Michael Englander
Leading our team as a firm Bitcoin enthusiast, dynamic speaker and industry thought leader, blending traditional finance with the exciting world of cryptocurrencies.
Cameron Rhodes
Head of Business Development
Developing strategic partnerships and leading our M&A activities.
Janek Majewski
Head of Exchange
Oversees PlasBit strategic direction, operations, compliance, and growth of a our cryptocurrency exchange.
Yazmin Edwards
Company Secretary Counsel
Overseeing legal and regulatory compliance, corporate governance, and various legal aspects of a PlasBit's operations.
Aleksandra Żelińska
Support Team Leader
Managing and optimizing PlasBit online customer support operations.
Barbara Zawadzka
EVP of Engineering
Key member of the company's executive team and in defining and executing PlasBit strategic vision.
Join The Revolution
We aim to forge an open society in today's digital age through the use of cryptography, and we are seeking skilled, freedom-loving individuals passionate about mainstreaming cryptocurrency. At PlasBit, we believe that autonomy and flexibility drive growth. We want to give you the freedom to achieve your goals, finding balance not just at work, but in life. If you're ready to join our cause, click the link below to explore all our current job openings.

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