How do I sell Bitcoin in Pakistan?

How do I sell Bitcoin in Pakistan

Recently, cryptocurrencies have experienced fast growth, with Bitcoin being a popular digital asset liked by investors and traders in Pakistan. The rise of demand for Bitcoin tokens is mirrored by the increase of individuals continuously looking for ways to leverage their holdings and exchange them into cash or any other local currency. For crypto enthusiasts in Pakistan, the question that is frequently asked is; How do I sell Bitcoin in Pakistan? This article aims to present an overview of the processes, with a focus on the use of wire services to sell Bitcoin in the Pakistani market. Like many other countries, Pakistan has seen an increase in the use of cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin is at the top of the list, especially for those who are looking for a new secure way of investing. But, this Bitcoin selling landscape can be challenging for those who are new to the crypto world. With this evolving popularity of digital investing, many platforms have developed services that make it easier for crypto users to buy and sell their Bitcoin through a quick and safe transaction process. In this step-by-step guide, we will dive into the details of selling Bitcoin in Pakistan, Focusing on the important and safe actions that will ensure the smoothest transaction. From finding a reliable exchange to using wire services, each step will be explained in detail to help you trade your Bitcoin with confidence whether you're an experienced trader or a new user of digital currency.

Exchanging Bitcoin in Pakistan on Plasbit’s Secure Platform

Are you someone who is on the lookout for an easy way to cash out your Bitcoin into a local Rupee in Pakistan? well, look no further, Plasbit is one of the leading cryptocurrency exchange platforms. Users can transfer Bitcoin into US dollars with ease using its innovative bank wire transfers. Plasbit, a company that caters to the Pakistani crypto market, is a very reliable and safe option to seamlessly convert Bitcoin into rupees. Plasbit is a leading cryptocurrency exchange platform catering to the Pakistani market. With the innovative bank wire feature, users can seamlessly convert their Bitcoin holdings into Pakistani rupees, all within a secure and user-friendly environment. Whether you're new or seasoned, Plasbit got you covered with a simple process. So if you are ever curious about "how do I sell Bitcoin in Pakistan"? PlasBit is the ideal platform for these types of transactions. Here are the easy-to-follow actions required to exchange your Bitcoin for Pakistani rupees via PlasBit's user-friendly platform. Take advantage of how easy and simple Plasbit’s platform is to manage digital assets.

1. Create an Account

Go to the Plasbitbit website and start by creating an account. The process is easy, complete the certification steps and enter all your information to gain full access to all features.

2. Deposit Bitcoin

Start a transfer of your Bitcoin to your new PlasBit wallet. Follow the deposit instructions provided on the platform and make sure to enter the correct wallet address to avoid transaction problems. Here is How to deposit fiat currency via wire transfer using Plasbit:


3. Navigate the Wires Section

Log in to your Plasbit account and navigate to the "Wires" section. This is the key feature to exchange cryptocurrency for fiat.

wire transfer

4. Enter Bank Details:

You will be prompted to enter your bank details. Information such as bank number, name, and code is needed for safety purposes.


5. Initiate Wire transaction:

Select the cryptocurrency you want to swap, in this case, BTC to USD. Once you select the exchange you wish the platform will generate exchange rates so you can make informed decisions. Plasbit also provides you with a list of different cryptocurrencies.


6. Enter the Amount:

Enter the amount of USD you want to receive through the wire transfer. You have two options, you can either enter the total amount you want to transfer where fees will be added automatically, or you can enter the amount you want taken from your balance including fees. In the second option, the amount that you will receive is the entered amount minus the transaction fees. Then click "Submit" to proceed to verification.

usd wires

7. Verify and Complete the Wire Transfer:

When initiating the transfer, you will be prompted to enter two verification codes that you will receive. One via email and the other via text message. This step is to ensure the maximum security of your transfer and the protection of your information. Enter both codes carefully then click "Submit" to complete the verification process.

wire codes

8. Receive Confirmation Document:

You will receive a confirmation email of the bank wire transfer request you submitted. Once the transaction is approved on Plasbit’s end, you will receive a second email confirming the success of your wire transfer. After this process, you can navigate the "transactions" section on the PlasBit platform to view transaction history.

wire details

An official bank confirmation document will be available to view and download.

wire transfer

Cryptocurrency Regulations in Pakistan

Digital assets are continuously growing in Pakistan and the topic of laws on crypto is increasing. The Pakistani government does not accept crypto coins as legal but at the same time, they do not prohibit people from using them and investing in them. The State Bank of Pakistan has issued multiple warnings about all the risks involved with crypto owning, trading, and investing. The State Bank also advised against any illegal usage such as money laundering and funding terrorist associations. However, there is no official legal ban on crypto ownership or management for those who are looking to use it at their own risk and responsibility. The SECP (Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan) has recently started investigating and strategizing regulatory frameworks for cryptocurrency exchanges to protect individuals and ensure market integrity. Cryptocurrency holders in Pakistan are also advocating for clear laws and guidelines that can help them prevent risks as the country tries to explore the complexity of this world.

Taxation Policies in Pakistan

Cryptocurrency taxation in Pakistan remains very limited and complex yet evolving. As for policies, the FBR (Federal Board of Revenue) in Pakistan has determined that cryptocurrency trading is considered a form of income, subject to individual tax rates depending on the taxpayer's income. Cryptocurrency holders in Pakistan are advised to stay updated with the regulatory part since it is changing. This is another detail about Cryptocurrency that holders are advocating for, they are seeking transparency when it comes to tax regulations that way they get a better idea of how they will manage their assets.

How do I sell Bitcoin in Pakistan

Crypto History in Pakistan

The history of cryptocurrency acceptance in Pakistan is relatively brief but filled with important events and notable personalities. The journey started in 2015 right when Bitcoin started to gain popularity in the country, it was primarily driven by crypto enthusiasts attracted to the Bitcoin promise of wealth and financial freedom. However, the lack of clear laws and regulations led to skepticism from traditional banking institutions. In 2018, the State Bank of Pakistan issued a ban on handling cryptocurrency, citing their major concern about money laundering and terrorist funding. The Pakistani cryptocurrency market was severely hurt by this ban resulting in trading volume decline. Despite all these challenges, the interest in cryptocurrency kept growing among Pakistani crypto investors leading to it emerging again. In 2020, The Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) introduced a draft law to control and govern crypto assets giving hope for a possible change towards a more regulated market. The Cryptocurrency adoption journey in Pakistan has seen various key figures like Zia Ullah Bangash, who is the advisor to the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government on Science and Information Technology. He always advocated for changes in the adoption of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, with a strong argument about the potential for economic growth and financial inclusion. In recent years, discussions around cryptocurrency regulations have continued and they are louder than before, reflecting the ongoing evolution of Pakistan's stance on digital currencies.

Crypto Community in Pakistan

With investors, developers, and fans actively involved in numerous cryptocurrency-related projects and forums, Pakistan's cryptocurrency community has rapidly expanded. A prominent instance of a well-established cryptocurrency community in Pakistan is the Pakistan Blockchain Institute (PBI), a leading establishment providing educational materials, seminars, and social gathering spots for people with an interest in cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. Event hosting, training program administration, and encouraging cooperation between business leaders, academics, and government agencies are among PBI's operations. By promoting awareness and developing knowledge in the cryptocurrency area, these initiatives assist Pakistan's blockchain adoption and innovation to grow. The Pakistani crypto community is large and diverse, although precise numbers on its size are not clear.


Pakistan’s Crypto and E-commerce Community 

Pakistan’s Crypto and E-commerce Community is a Facebook group with over 42k members. The page shares information and tricks about the cryptocurrency world and offers a platform for crypto enthusiasts to discuss everything crypto and find opportunities within the group.

CryptoCurrency Pakistan 

CryptoCurrency Pakistan is a very active Facebook group with 155.6k members. It is a platform for all crypto users to exchange information about cryptocurrency trends. Multiple opportunities could be found with one of the members of the group.

Crypto Pakistan 

Crypto Pakistan is a public Facebook group with almost 15k active members sharing insights about cryptocurrency transactions and management. This group is a free informative way to stay updated about the latest in the crypto world and find trade opportunities.



Cryptoawaz is an Instagram page with over 2k followers. This page shares the latest news about the cryptocurrency market as well as some crypto memes for entertainment.


Crypto Pump Island Pakistan 🇵🇰 

With over 4k members, this Pakistani Telegram group is a platform for cryptocurrency users to gain information about various crypto subjects. Many experienced members share what they learned on the platforms which makes it valuable for beginners in the crypto world. about the important steps to navigate this world for

Technology And Cryptocurrency Pakistan 

This Telegram group has over 3k members and it acts as a point of conversation about the latest technologies in crypto. Experienced and beginners gather here to share knowledge about Blockchain, Defi, and emerging events. This network creates a vibrant learning environment for all members.

Incorporate Cryptocurrency into your daily life

To use cryptocurrency to pay bills in Pakistan, several platforms and services can help streamline the process, allowing people to pay directly with their cryptocurrency or convert Bitcoin to Pakistani rupees and then pay. Individuals can use wallets that are multi-crypto-currency friendly with different tools for payments and management of funds, establish a payment gateway or merchant service that can receive or make payments in cryptocurrency , use peer-to-peer services to exchange cryptocurrency with Pakistani rupees and use crypto debit cards to directly spend cryptocurrencies at retail places or withdraw cash at ATMs.

Alternative Ways to Sell Bitcoin for Fiat in Pakistan

How do I sell Bitcoin in Pakistan? well in addition to using wire transfers, several ways allow cryptocurrency holders to sell Bitcoin for Fiat in Pakistan. These diverse options are all available in Pakistan for individuals to utilize. They reflect the evolution the Pakistani crypto market is seeing:

1. Crypto Debit Card Transactions

You can convert Bitcoin to Pakistani rupees seamlessly by linking your cryptocurrency wallet to an actual crypto debit card. This allows you to easily make purchases at retail stores and withdraw cash from the ATM. Through conventional banking channels, this connection gives you the freedom to access your funds in local currency, making your financial operations more convenient and accessible.


● Accessibility and convenience: It provides easy and secure access to digital assets.

● Instant Settlements: The crypto debit cards offer instant settlements which makes it a faster way than traditional banking systems.

● Integration: Crypto debit cards easily integrate with payment infrastructure which allows users to use their cards in ATMs and traditional retailers.

2. Cryptocurrency ATMs

Major places in Pakistan have witnessed the rise of cryptocurrency ATMs, which offer a physical venue for buying or trading Bitcoin for cash. To make any cryptocurrency transaction Bitcoin to fiat exchange easier, users can easily interact with these crypto ATMs. Thanks to these ATMs the cryptocurrency market is now more convenient and accessible to everyone. It provides users with a real and reachable way to convert their digital assets into local currency.


● Accessibility and convenience: Quick and easy access to manage your digital assets and make cash-to-crypto or crypto-to-cash transactions.

● Privacy: Cryptocurrency ATMs often require minimal personal information which makes it much easier than regular banks.

● No Borders: ATMs enable users to make cross-border transactions with less fees to pay.

3. P2P Platforms

Find peer-to-peer networks that provide safe and transparent exchanges of Bitcoin to USD exchanges by placing buyers and sellers directly in contact. People can conduct exchanges outside of traditional exchange channels and negotiate terms transparently and safely by utilizing P2P networks. These platforms provide a different way to sell Bitcoin, giving users freedom and flexibility in their trade while guaranteeing a reliable and easy transaction process.


● Direct Transactions: P2P Platforms remove the need for a third party and make the transaction between the seller and the buyer direct.

● High Privacy: P2P Platforms have increased privacy compared to centralized exchanges and that is because users can discuss and negotiate transactions without sharing any sensitive information.

● P2P Networking: These platforms develop a sense of community among users and motivate them to discuss all things crypto and share knowledge about the latest news.

4. OTC Trades

Engage in over-the-counter transactions to exchange significant amounts of Bitcoin for fiat money in Pakistan. By doing so, you can obtain individualized attention and solutions that are designed to satisfy your trading needs. High-net-worth individuals and institutional investors are the target market for OTC trading desks and services, enabling large Bitcoin transactions outside traditional exchanges. With OTC trading, you can use specialized services made to meet the specific requirements of experienced traders in the bitcoin market to carry out large-scale trades effectively and covertly.


● Large Transactions: Ideal for high investors and institutions, OTC trades allow the conduct of large-volume transactions without negatively impacting market prices.

● Custom Terms: with OTC trades negotiating the terms is flexible, providing traders with greater conditions compared to standard exchanges.

● Price Volatility: These trades help reduce price volatility and guarantee the stability of prices when exchanging.


When you navigate the world of selling Bitcoin and cryptocurrency in general in Pakistan, it is crucial to do your research and equip yourself with knowledge and appropriate tools to make successful decisions and secure trades. By adhering to the guide provided in this article, you can start the journey of converting your Bitcoin into USD with confidence. As known the financial landscape is evolving very fast and Bitcoin keeps on gaining prominence, adapting yourself to the changes and staying informed with all news helps you maximize your investment opportunities. Whether you're looking to cash out on your Bitcoin holdings for profit, diversify your portfolio, or simply explore the world of cryptocurrency trading, the process of selling Bitcoin in Pakistan can be rewarding when approached with diligence and care. When it comes to exchanges, choose a reliable one that complies with your local laws and regulations, verify security, and be careful with sensitive information. Plasbit will ensure that your selling experience is seamless and stress-free making it easy to answer any questions related to transactions and especially how to sell Bitcoin in Pakistan. Always Remember that the Pakistani crypto market like any other crypto market is subject to fluctuations so staying on market trends, developments, and measures is key to safely managing your assets. So if this question has ever crossed your mind; How do I sell Bitcoin in Pakistan? That means you are on the right track to open for yourself a profitable opportunity and whether you choose wire transfer or any other channel follow the tips we provided to learn the necessary tools, save yourself from future risks, and secure your assets in confidence. Always remember to prioritize security, due diligence, and a continuous hunger for learning the crypto world.

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