How Do I Sell Bitcoin In Greece: A Step-By-Step Tutorial

How Do I Sell Bitcoin In Greece

This detailed walkthrough is designed for anyone looking to navigate the conversion of Bitcoin to euros, focusing on PlasBit's wire service and alternative options leading to the solution to how do I sell Bitcoin in Greece?

Today, in the digital age, cryptocurrency has become a transformative power that has reshaped financial transactions across the globe. Its unmatched rise to fame is marked by the invention of a new financial technology that combines the best security, convenience, and adaptability, making digital currencies like Bitcoin more than just a trend but a revolutionary way of viewing and interacting with money. This event is not a phenomenon confined to any single geography; it spans the planet, with countries like Greece exhibiting a keen interest in it. The attraction of cryptocurrencies in Greece is that they can lead to a simplified transaction process, give privacy, and safeguard their users against economic fluctuations.

In adopting cryptocurrencies into the everyday financial operations of Greeks, concerns arise around the most effective, secure, and lucrative ways of converting Bitcoin into fiat money. Whether you're an experienced crypto user or a newbie to the crypto universe, you need to know the tips and tricks of this process to succeed in the crypto world.

Regulated by the Polish government and boasting a valid crypto exchange license, PlasBit offers its users a valuable sense of security and legitimacy, which is especially pertinent in an industry where trust and transparency are paramount. PlasBit extends its support to users in Greece, demonstrating its commitment to catering to the crypto community's needs on a global scale.

One of the outstanding features of PlasBit is its bank wire service, which allows users to convert their Bitcoin into euros effortlessly. This service is not just about converting digital currency; it's a bridge between the innovative world of cryptocurrency and the traditional financial system. With PlasBit, the process is supported and streamlined, making it an attractive option for anyone looking to sell Bitcoin in Greece.

This article will take you through the steps of using PlasBit's bank wire option to convert your Bitcoin to euros in Greece safely. We'll also discuss the regulatory landscape, the active Greek cryptocurrency community, and other ways of selling Bitcoin. Our purpose is to help you with all the fundamentals to give you the confidence you need to navigate the crypto landscape in Greece.

Step-by-Step Guide on Using PlasBit Wire Service

This feature of our service makes us unique and demonstrates our dedication to serving the diversified needs of the Greek crypto community. Considering the question, "How do I sell Bitcoin in Greece?" our platform provides a convenient answer. Our bank wire service enables users to convert Bitcoin into Euros and receive it in their bank accounts in Greece. Here, we offer a step-by-step guide on how to use wire transfer service on our platform tailored to the needs of Greek users for cashing out Bitcoin in Euros:

Step 1: Register your account

First, go to PlasBit's main website and choose the "Get Started" option. On our platform, we always keep security and privacy as top priorities. The registration requires your email address and successful completion of KYC (Know Your Customer) procedures. This step is the most important as it makes PlasBit a secure and dependable platform for processing financial transactions.

Step 2: Deposit Bitcoin into your PlasBit Wallet

Proceed to the “Deposit” section in your account menu and indicate that you want to deposit in Bitcoin. We will create a one-time, unique deposit address for this transaction. The time taken for your deposit to appear in your account can differ depending on the current blockchain network congestion level.

How Do I Sell Bitcoin In Greece

Step 3: Access the Wire Transfer Feature

When you are done with depositing your Bitcoin, go to the "Wire" option on your Dashboard. This tool is designed to convert cryptocurrencies into fiat currencies (like euros), with an easy navigation that enables users to manage their currency exchanges.

How Do I Sell Bitcoin In Greece

Step 4: Provide your Bank Account Details

Here, you must disclose the details of your Greek bank account, the account number, the bank's name, and its SWIFT code or BIC code. Accurate bank account information is vital for ensuring the confidential transfer of funds.

How Do I Sell Bitcoin In Greece

Step 5: Initiate the Wire Transfer

In the "Wire" section, you can swap your Bitcoin for Euros. We provide current exchange rates that are up-to-date, which allow you to make a correct choice concerning the rate of conversion.

How Do I Sell Bitcoin In Greece

Step 6: Specify the Wire Transfer Amount

Decide how many euros you want in your bank account converted from Bitcoin. PlasBit offers two options: if you specify the net amount of the Transaction before transaction fees, or if you want to include the total amount, including fees, the amount will be calculated considering the deductions. This strategy lets you clearly understand your cash flow and flexibility in Transaction management.

How Do I Sell Bitcoin In Greece

Step 7: Confirm and Verify the Transaction

Before proceeding, check all the transaction details to ensure everything is accurate, like the Bitcoin amount, the euro exchange rate, and bank account information. Then, once you have checked that the data is correct, click the "Submit" button to complete the Transaction.

Step 8: Go through the Security Verification Process

PlasBit ascertains the security of transactions with double verifications. Once you have submitted your Transaction, you will be taken to a security verification page where you will be asked to confirm your identity. Follow the steps and get the verification codes via email and SMS. Please enter the codes per the instructions to strengthen your Transaction's security.

How Do I Sell Bitcoin In Greece

Step 9: Receive Your Transaction Approval and Bank Documentation

Once the security verification is completed, you will receive an email with our acknowledgment to confirm your request. Upon receipt of the approval, a subsequent email will be sent to you to confirm the transmission of the wire transfer. Now, you can visit the Transactions section on the Dashboard and switch to the wire transaction history.

How Do I Sell Bitcoin In Greece

You can access and download the confirmation document to get the official bank document pertinent to the transaction.


This guide demystifies the process of selling Bitcoin in Greece, covering every essential step from initial account setup on platforms like PlasBit to the final transfer of euros into your Greek bank account. With PlasBit, the journey from digital to fiat currency is streamlined and secure, embodying a transparent and user-friendly approach ideal for anyone in Greece navigating the crypto-to-fiat conversion landscape. After all, For those curious about exploring various methods to exchange cryptocurrency for fiat, a deeper dive into the subject can offer insightful alternatives.

Regulations and Taxation Policies in Greece

In Greece, cryptocurrency's regulatory and taxation framework, including Bitcoin, is formed by national and European Union directive policies. In its attempt to maintain financial innovation and security, Greece follows the local regulations and broader EU guidelines concerning handling cryptocurrency transactions and taxation.

Legal Framework of Cryptocurrencies in Greece

Cryptocurrencies in Greece are included in the legal framework of the European Union's policies that set standards for regulating digital currencies. The Bank of Greece and the Hellenic Capital Market Commission monitor and guide cryptocurrency operations, emphasizing AML (Anti-Money Laundering) compliance and the necessity of the KYC (Know Your Customer) procedures for platforms and exchanges.

Taxation Policies on Bitcoin Sales:

The Independent Authority for Public Revenue (IAPR) sets the taxation of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in Greece. As per this regulation, cryptocurrency profits gained through selling are subject to taxation and are therefore considered taxable income. The current framework defines that:

Capital Gains Tax:

The people who buy Bitcoin to sell it quickly may be subject to the capital gains tax. The rate of taxation is established according to the specific bracket of the total taxable income into which the individual is classified, with cryptocurrency gains aggregated with other types of income.

VAT Exemption:

As stipulated by European Court of Justice rulings, VAT does not apply to crypto transactions in Greece. Consequently, this exemption only applies to the purchase and sale of Bitcoin as a means of payment, not as a supply of goods and services.

Reporting Requirements:

Cryptocurrency holdings and any related profits or losses are to be declared by Greek tax residents in their annual tax returns. This transparency aims to stop tax evasion and ensure that all the income from digital currency transactions is correctly disclosed and taxed.

Greece offers a secure and transparent framework for cryptocurrency transactions, essential for Greek Bitcoin sellers to navigate regulations and tax implications effectively. Investigating how this aligns or contrasts with tax-free countries can provide valuable insights into global cryptocurrency practices. Platforms like PlasBit, attuned to Greece's legal environment, serve as reliable guides for users in this evolving landscape.

The Crypto Community in Greece

The Greek digital environment is further enriched by cryptocurrency groups growing and becoming more active on various social media platforms. Facebook groups, such as "Crypto Greece" and "Bitcoin Greece - cloud miners," with tens of thousands of members, are good sources of information in the crypto world. In the same way, the “Bitcoin Greece” Telegram group and the r/Bitcoin_greece community on Reddit underline evident enthusiasm for Bitcoin, in which knowledge and insights are exchanged in the Greek context. These platforms demonstrate a dynamic ecosystem with the participation of audiences of all levels, from enthusiasts to novices, in cryptocurrencies.


Crypto Greece 

The "Crypto Greece" Facebook group, with 23k members, is a lively community of Greek cryptocurrency supporters. This community enables people to have talks on all sorts of subjects like cryptocurrency trading, using crypto as a means of payment, and the security of digital wallets. The association becomes the central platform for exchanging experiences, suggestions, and discoveries about the fast-changing landscape of blockchain and cryptocurrencies, mirroring the group members' wide range of skills and common interests in this digital territory.

Bitcoin Greece 

The Facebook group, named "Bitcoin Greece - cloud miners," comprises 40,600 crypto community members engaged in Bitcoin and cloud mining. It is a lively platform for sharing ideas and knowledge, mining tools and strategies, and other discussions on the whole digital currency ecosystem. This platform allows fans and experts to share their knowledge, experiences, and advice in a collaborative crypto world.


The "Cryptocurrency ΣΤΗΝ ΕΛΛΑΔΑ ~ Cryptocurrency in Greece" Facebook group, which has 4.3K members, is a place for people who have an interest in cryptocurrency, especially Bitcoin, in the Greek context. This public arena is meant to be a place for posting news and analyzing and discussing Bitcoin's technological, economic, and social dimensions. The content covers everything from technical meetups and market analysis to educational talks on blockchain and how it works. It aims to serve a broad audience, from beginners to advanced, creating a room conducive to learning and dialogue.


Bitcoin Greece 

This Greece Telegram crypto group is a pretty active community on Telegram. It acts as a center point for all those curious about cryptocurrency, providing the platform for conversations on market trends, project updates, and general crypto knowledge. This group draws a wide range of people, including those looking for information and those willing to share their expertise on this topic. The result is a vibrant environment where people can interact and learn.


Bitcoin Greece 

The r/Bitcoin_greece community on Reddit is a niche platform for 581 members interested in Bitcoin discussions, and the information is targeted to a Greek audience. It covers news, events, and arguments related to Bitcoin's developments. It creates a community for Greek language enthusiasts to share and learn about cryptocurrency. The community is founded on the principle of Bitcoin's decentralization, working to promote awareness and support among its members while strictly adhering to the rules that keep the discussions respectable and topical.

The crypto community in Greece, which is rapidly growing, indicates Greece's rising interest in blockchain and digital currencies. These groups, including Facebook, Telegram, and Reddit, provide an indispensable place for dialogue, education, and community, a phenomenon that mirrors how dynamic and innovative the Greek crypto sector has become. Along with this community expanding, the members are not only given a chance to understand each other better, but the community also plays a significant role in the adoption and appreciation of cryptocurrencies by the Greek people, and this can be considered a trend in the digital and financial field of the country.

How Do I Sell Bitcoin In Greece

History of Cryptocurrency Adoption in Greece

The cryptocurrency story in Greece began in the early 2010s when there was a severe financial crisis, and people started to understand that the traditional banking system could be unreliable, which caused interest in non-centralized alternative financial solutions. Cryptocurrencies gave Greeks a chance to feel financial stability and freedom.

The 2015 Catalyst: Capital Controls

Cryptocurrency adoption in Greece increased in 2015 due to the implemented capital controls. Cash and international transfers were restricted, and thus, people started to look for alternatives. This period was characterized by the appearance of the first Bitcoin ATMs, which manifested a fundamental shift toward digital currencies.

Embracing Digital Currency: Public Awareness and Business Acceptance

The advent of Bitcoin in Greece created a positive picture of cryptocurrencies in the public mind, resulting in more firms accepting Bitcoin payments. This period showed a strong belief in cryptocurrency's ability for safe and effective transfers.

Regulatory Evolution: Balancing Innovation and Protection

To match the rapidly increasing popularity of cryptocurrencies, the Greek regulators were focusing on a balanced framework that promoted innovation and, at the same time, protected the consumers. This period was the period of Greece's attempts to enter the global cryptocurrency market wisely.

Greece's Cryptocurrency Milestones

The journey of cryptocurrency in Greece, marked by resilience amid financial crises, illustrates the nation's gradual embrace of digital currencies. This evolution underscores Greece's role in the global adoption of cryptocurrencies and highlights the transformative power of digital finance. Delving into the vibrant Greek community 's impact on the digital currency landscape offers insightful perspectives on this transformative journey.

Alternative Ways to Sell Bitcoin for Fiat in Greece

The Greek cryptocurrency landscape has become a hub of innovation, with convenient and effective ways of turning Bitcoins into fiat currency. Like the global trend, Greek crypto users have a wide range of options, with crypto debit cards and crypto ATMs being the most popular as they are very convenient and hassle-free. The alternatives become a perfect solution for Greek Bitcoin owners, as they can choose the most suitable option that meets their needs, whether looking for immediate cash or smooth integration of cryptocurrencies into their daily financial activities.

Cryptocurrency-Linked Debit Cards in Greece

The Greek crypto community increasingly turns to crypto-linked debit cards, a leading solution for utilizing crypto assets in everyday transactions. These innovative debit cards seamlessly connect the worlds of cryptocurrencies and traditional finance, enabling users to purchase their crypto holdings as effortlessly as using euros, whether online or in-store. At the point of sale, the cryptocurrency balance is instantaneously converted into euros (or any other chosen fiat currency), streamlining the purchasing process without requiring extra conversion steps. This integration of crypto cards in Greece represents a significant stride towards the fusion of digital and conventional currencies, making crypto spending direct and user-friendly.

Advantages of Crypto-Linked Debit Cards:

Seamless Transactions:

The users could directly spend their cryptocurrency without first converting and transferring their funds to a bank account.

Wide Acceptance:

These debit cards are accepted by merchants who take traditional debit or credit cards, making the usage of the card both flexible nationally and internationally.

Instant Conversion:

The cryptocurrency to fiat conversion occurs on the spot at the time of purchase. Thus, users need not convert before the Transaction and benefit from the current exchange rates.

Crypto ATMs in Greece

Another practical alternative to exchanging Bitcoin for fiat in Greece is crypto ATMs. Athens has been the place of a steady rise of ATMs, where the public can switch from Bitcoin to euros. Crypto ATMs circumvent the need for online exchanges and offer a direct way for users to get their cash out or to a bank in exchange for their Bitcoin.

Advantages of Crypto ATMs:

Immediate Fiat Access:

The ATMs facilitate instant liquidity, allowing users to convert their bitcoins into cash or euros so they do not have to wait as online exchanges do.

Ease of Use:

Simplicity is the main feature of crypto ATMs, which makes converting Bitcoin to fiat money as easy as possible and, consequently, allows users who need to be better-versed in digital transactions to participate in crypto.

Expanding Accessibility:

With the expansion of Bitcoin ATMs throughout Greece, the network offers broader geographical coverage, which allows more users to convert Bitcoin to fiat money across the country.

Options like crypto-linked debit cards and the widespread availability of crypto ATMs well illustrate the versatility of the Greek crypto ecosystem. These methods cater to diverse user preferences, whether the integrated convenience of using a debit card for everyday transactions or the immediate, hassle-free access to fiat provided by ATMs. Such options enhance the practical use of Bitcoin and reflect its growing integration into Greece's financial system, demonstrating the broadening acceptance of cryptocurrencies. For those looking to delve deeper into the possibilities for converting crypto to fiat, exploring different ways to cash out crypto can offer valuable insights and alternatives.


This article aimed to simplify selling Bitcoin in Greece by providing a step-by-step guide on using our bank wire service to convert Bitcoin to Euros to answer your question: How do I sell Bitcoin in Greece? We also discussed Greece's cryptocurrency regulations and tax policies and explored additional conversion methods like crypto-linked debit cards and ATMs. In this way, we demonstrated the purpose of our platform, which is to make transactions more accessible for our users.

PlasBit's bank wire option exemplifies the simplicity and convenience of managing cryptocurrency transactions in Greece, offering users a seamless avenue to convert their Bitcoin into fiat currencies while ensuring safety through stringent security and regulatory compliance. This feature, along with integrating crypto-linked debit cards, positions PlasBit as a versatile platform catering to the diverse needs of the crypto community in Greece. For those interested in exploring beyond Bitcoin to fiat conversions, delving into other types of crypto-to-fiat bank transfers can provide a broader perspective on the available financial tools designed to support the seamless exchange of digital assets.

PlasBit provides an easy-to-use platform, thus simplifying the process of Bitcoin conversion to Euros in Greece. It empowers users to navigate the financial arena with self-assurance, thus maximizing their potential digital possessions. Whether for personal transactions or financial management, PlasBit's full range of services brings about the increasing availability of crypto in Greece.

In conclusion, here is our response to your question: How do I sell Bitcoin in Greece? Selling Bitcoin in Greece has been made significantly straightforward and accessible through PlasBit, particularly with our bank wire feature. This convenience caters to the needs of Greek Bitcoin holders and aligns with the country's evolving digital finance landscape. PlasBit's support for Greece, underscored by its commitment to security, transparency, and regulatory compliance, opens up possibilities for users looking to convert their Bitcoin into euros efficiently. As the cryptocurrency community in Greece continues to grow and evolve, services like PlasBit are pivotal in facilitating the secure and efficient transition from digital to fiat currency, reinforcing the potential and practicality of Bitcoin transactions in Greece.