Crypto Widgets For Elementor: Website Tools Explored

crypto widgets for elementor

If you want to enhance your website with dynamic cryptocurrency features, then Elementor, a popular website builder, enables the creation of stunning web pages easily. Using our crypto widgets, you can take your website to the next level by integrating a range of powerful crypto tools directly into your Elementor website design. From real-time price tickers to portfolio trackers and more, we have a wide selection of widgets for WordPress built with Elementor. In this article, we will explore the various crypto widgets for Elementor and provide a step-by-step guide on implementing our Crypto Profit Calculator onto your Elementor-built website.

Using Crypto Widgets with Elementor

Elementor is a popular drag-and-drop WordPress page builder plugin that helps users create custom web pages without any coding knowledge. It uses an intuitive interface, customizable templates and widgets, and advanced design and functionality options. The great news is that our crypto widgets, such as the Bitcoin Mining Calculator, are designed for use with Elementor, making this selection of powerful crypto tools fully available for integration into your website.

Crypto Widgets for Elementor

Our selection of widgets is engineered to seamlessly integrate with your Elementor site, providing your visitors with live, precise crypto market data and insightful analytics. From real-time price updates to advanced profit calculators, our comprehensive range of tools caters to the needs of all users, whether they are cryptocurrency veterans or just embarking on their digital currency journey. Dive into the details below to discover how each widget can enhance the crypto trading experience on your website.

Price Ticker:

Staying updated with real-time pricing information is crucial for traders and enthusiasts alike. Our state-of-the-art Price Ticker widget is a powerful and essential tool designed to fulfill this need. It provides live pricing data for many cryptocurrencies, enabling users to monitor market fluctuations from your website closely. Customization lies at the heart of our Price Ticker widget. It is engineered to cater to the specific requirements of your audience, ensuring a seamless integration with your website's design and functionality. With an intuitive interface, the widget invites users to engage with the latest financial data without overwhelming them with complexity. This facility is more than a mere add-on but a strategic enhancement that boosts your site's utility and professional appeal. The 'Add Coin' feature is a standout aspect of this widget, allowing you to tailor the displayed cryptocurrencies to reflect your audience's interests. Whether it's the trailblazing Bitcoin (BTC), the innovative Ethereum (ETH), or a selection of altcoins, your users can track their performance at a glance. This level of personalization makes it an indispensable resource for making informed trading decisions.

Crypto Calculator:

This free, intuitive tool is designed to simplify the often complex world of cryptocurrency conversion. Whether your website visitor is a trader or just starting, this widget is a user-friendly gateway to quickly understanding and executing crypto transactions. The Crypto Calculator stands out with its real-time exchange rate updates. It supports many cryptocurrencies and major fiat currencies such as USD, EUR, and GBP. This provision ensures that users can make accurate conversions and informed trading decisions in sync with the latest market trends and values. Quickly comparing different currencies enables traders to benefit from market opportunities. Simplicity is at the core of the Crypto Calculator's design. It's crafted to be straightforward, allowing users of all experience levels to perform conversions without confusion. The clean, uncluttered interface removes potential intimidation from trading and encourages beginners to explore crypto confidently. Customization is another vital feature of this widget, which allows it to blend seamlessly with the aesthetic of your website. By enabling users to diversify their portfolios and delve into the world of cryptocurrencies, this calculator not only enhances the value of your website but also positions it as a hub for crypto trading tools. Integrating this widget means providing a valuable resource that could be the key to unlocking the potential of the crypto markets for your users.

Coin List:

This widget is an indispensable asset for crypto-curious and seasoned traders, offering a wide-angle view of the dynamic cryptocurrency market. This highly customizable tool delivers a detailed snapshot of many cryptocurrencies, granting users the power to track and analyze the market's pulse in real-time. One of the standout features of the Crypto Coin List is its comprehensive display of essential data points. Users can access up-to-the-minute prices, 24-hour trading volume, and critical percentage price changes. Alongside current metrics, the widget offers a dive into historical data, presenting a week-long chart that maps out the price trends of various cryptocurrencies. This feature is convenient for traders who utilize historical performance as a compass for future projections. Adding market cap data further enriches the depth of information, allowing users to gauge the relative size of one cryptocurrency against another. Customization is again a core element of our Crypto Coin List, ensuring users see what's most relevant. They can tailor the list to include their preferred cryptocurrencies, creating a personalized experience that aligns with their interests and trading strategies.

Crypto Profit Calculator:

This dynamic, user-centric widget provides crypto traders with immediate and precise profit and loss insights. The Crypto Profit Calculator supports an expansive selection of cryptocurrencies, ensuring that users can calculate potential outcomes on popular coins such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP), and Litecoin (LTC). This breadth of support ensures that traders in various crypto assets can utilize the tool effectively. Tailored to accommodate the needs of novice and experienced traders, the Crypto Profit Calculator allows users to input crucial transaction data easily. By entering the purchase amount, buying and selling prices, and any associated transaction fees, traders can receive accurate calculations of their trading performance. The widget's ability to pull live crypto prices is a pivotal feature that guarantees the most current and relevant data is used in profit and loss calculations. This real-time data feed eliminates lag and ensures that the results reflect the market's present conditions, critical for timely decision-making. User-friendliness is at the forefront of this calculator's design. Its intuitive interface simplifies calculating net profit or loss, presenting the information in a clear and accessible format. This immediacy and clarity empower users to make better-informed trading decisions, potentially enhancing their trading strategies and financial outcomes using your website's widget.

Crypto Mining Calculator:

This calculator widget is essential for anyone involved in the cryptocurrency mining sector. The Crypto Mining Calculator offers a detailed prediction of potential mining revenues by considering various critical factors influencing profitability. Miners need to enter the hash rate of their Bitcoin mining setup, which measures the miner's performance and computational power. By doing so, they can get a clear picture of their mining capabilities. In addition to the hash rate, the calculator requires input on power usage, which directly impacts the cost-effectiveness of mining operations. Electricity costs are another variable the calculator factors, as they can vary significantly depending on geographic location and make or break the profitability of mining activities. Maintenance fees, often overlooked, are also included in the calculation to ensure a comprehensive assessment. One of the unique aspects of our Crypto Mining Calculator is its focus on energy consumption. By quantifying energy use, the calculator not only assists miners in optimizing their setups for better returns but also promotes awareness about the environmental impact of mining, encouraging the adoption of more energy-efficient practices. PlasBit mining calculator simplifies these complex calculations, turning intricate data into easy-to-understand figures. It eliminates the guesswork from cryptocurrency mining, providing your website users with a clear and concise tool that enables them to assess the viability of their mining operation quickly and accurately.

Crypto RSS:

This RSS news viewer tool is essential for anyone looking to stay on the pulse of the ever-evolving cryptocurrency market. The Crypto RSS widget ensures users can access current updates by aggregating real-time information from crypto-centric news outlets. This data includes minute-by-minute price fluctuations, crucial regulatory changes, and introductions of new coins that could impact the market. Customization is a powerful feature of this widget, allowing users to tailor their news feeds to match their interests. Users can select from an array of reputable crypto news sources, filtering the type of content they're most interested in, whether that's market analysis, technological advancements, or legislative developments. This personalization level helps users cut through the noise and focus on the news most important to them. In a market where timing is everything, having timely and relevant data is indispensable. The Crypto RSS viewer bridges users and the information they need to make informed decisions. Integrating such crypto widgets for Elementor provides a valuable resource to enhance users' trading strategies and market understanding.

Crypto Fear Calculator:

This crypto widget provides an innovative approach to understanding market dynamics beyond just numbers and charts. The Crypto Fear Calculator captures the psychological atmosphere of the cryptocurrency market by quantifying emotions, which can be as volatile as the market itself. This indicator oscillates on a spectrum from 'Fear' to 'Greed,' each end signifying the general mood among traders. When the calculator points towards 'Fear,' it indicates a possible overreaction to sell-offs, suggesting that people are worried or uncertain, which could translate to a bearish market. This sentiment often uncovers potential buying opportunities for contrarian traders looking to capitalize on market fears. On the flip side, when the indicator tilts towards 'Greed,' it reflects a market that could be getting overly confident, perhaps even complacent, which typically aligns with bullish conditions and may signal a good time to consider taking profits. By integrating our Crypto Fear Calculator into your website, you provide traders with an essential tool for navigating the emotional landscape of cryptocurrency trading. This benefit not only aids them in making more informed decisions but also helps develop strategies to mitigate emotional biases. The widget can serve as a psychological compass, guiding users through the tumultuous waves of crypto trading with a clear-headed perspective.

Crypto History Calculator:

This helpful calculator can delve into the past performance of any given cryptocurrency, offering a window into the asset's volatility and historical pricing trends. Users of the Crypto History Calculator can select a cryptocurrency of their choice and specify a date and time, going back days, months, or even years, to the historical price data for that moment. This retrospective view is crucial for understanding how certain events, market cycles, and broader economic factors have influenced the price of cryptocurrencies. By comparing historical prices with current market values, the calculator not only estimates potential profits and losses but also enables traders to discern patterns, evaluate the impact of past market movements, and potentially forecast future price changes. Traders who craft efficient and effective strategies will find the Crypto History Calculator particularly useful. It provides an in-depth analysis beyond superficial price checks, offering a more nuanced glimpse into the possible outcomes based on historical data. Whether for educational purposes or strategic planning, this widget enriches your website by allowing crypto enthusiasts to conduct thorough research and analysis, thereby fostering better-informed acquisition decisions.

Crypto Tax Calculator:

This widget is an indispensable resource for cryptocurrency traders navigating the complex crypto taxation landscape. With its ability to factor in various critical elements such as the user's country of residence, which dictates the tax laws that apply, and their filing status - such as single, married, or business owner - the tool provides tax estimates tailored to individual circumstances. Furthermore, the Crypto Tax Calculator considers the user's projected annual taxable income, which can significantly impact the rate at which capital gains are taxed. Users are also prompted to enter the cost basis of their crypto holdings (the original value of the crypto at the time of purchase) and the gains they have realized from selling their assets. Significantly, the duration of holding the cryptocurrency is factored in, distinguishing between short-term and long-term capital gains, which are often taxed at different rates. By delivering a calculated estimate of the capital gains tax that might be owed, the Crypto Tax Calculator helps users forecast their potential tax liabilities. This foresight is critical in financial planning and preparing for tax season. Integrating this calculator into your website elevates the user experience by providing a tool that engages and informs your audience, establishing your site as a go-to hub for crypto tax information.

Price Text:

This simple but impressive widget is designed to display real-time cryptocurrency prices in a straightforward text format. The Crypto Price Text widget seamlessly integrates into your website, offering visitors the latest price information without any clutter or complexity. It is perfect for sites that require a minimalistic approach, providing just the essential price data for one or more cryptocurrencies.

crypto widgets for elementor

Benefits of Adding Crypto Widgets to Website

Integrating cryptocurrency widgets built with Elementor onto your website can provide numerous benefits, enhancing user experience and potentially leading to increased web traffic. As cryptocurrencies continue to captivate the public's interest, providing related content and tools on your website can be an innovative way to stay ahead of the curve. Let's explore the advantages of adding free crypto trading tools to an Elementor website.

Enhanced User Engagement

Adding crypto widgets to your website can significantly boost user engagement. By providing real-time data, such as price charts, currency converters, and market analyses, users are likely to spend more time on your site. This increased engagement can benefit both new and returning visitors. New users may find your site while looking for cryptocurrency information while returning users will appreciate the fresh, constantly updated content. Keeping users engaged is vital for building a loyal audience and improving metrics, such as bounce rate and time on site.

Increased Functionality for Users

Crypto widgets can enhance the functionality of a website by enabling users to interact with the content in meaningful ways. For example, PlasBit Crypto Calculator widget allows users to quickly calculate the value of different cryptocurrencies in their local currency, facilitating informed trading decisions. Such widgets that track the performance of various cryptocurrencies can help users stay informed without needing to leave your website for a third-party service. This convenience can increase user satisfaction and make your site a go-to resource for crypto enthusiasts.

More Web Traffic

Websites that best cater to the interests and needs of their audience tend to rank better in search engine results. By integrating crypto widgets, your website can attract users interested in cryptocurrencies. This targeted approach can increase the quality of your web traffic, as visitors will be more engaged and interested in your content. Additionally, as users share your site as a valuable resource, social signals can further boost your site's visibility and attract even more visitors.

Customizable Content

Elementor's flexibility allows for highly customizable content, and crypto widgets are no exception. You can tailor PlasBit widgets to suit the look of your website, ensuring a seamless user experience. Customization can range from the types of data displayed to the widget's design, making it possible to provide a unique experience for your visitors. You can maintain brand consistency and appeal to your specific audience by customizing your crypto widgets.

Authority and Trust

By providing up-to-date and accurate cryptocurrency information, your website can become an authority in the crypto space. Users tend to trust websites that offer reliable data and practical tools. This trust can translate into higher credibility for your website, essential for attracting partnerships, sponsorships, or advertising opportunities. Additionally, being seen as an authority can lead to more backlinks from other sites, further improving your search engine rankings and online reputation.

Implementing Crypto Profit Calculator with Elementor

Adding our Crypto Profit Calculator widget to your website is straightforward by following the steps in this guide. We will use our Profit Calculator as an example of how to embed crypto calculator widget.

1. Select widget:

Visit the crypto widgets page of our website and click the 'Profit Calculator' button. This action will highlight the selection in blue, and the page will be loaded with the widget's customization options.

select profit calculator widget

2. Select Background Color:

Choose a background color that complements your website's design and enhances readability. This choice will ensure your Crypto Profit Calculator blends seamlessly with your site's aesthetic and doesn't clash with other design elements.

select widget background color

3. Select Text Color:

After setting the background, pick a text color that contrasts nicely to guarantee that the figures and labels within the calculator are easily discernible. A good contrast is crucial for user experience, so select a color that stands out against the background for clarity.

select widget text color

4. Select Buttons Color:

Choose an appropriate Buttons color to suit your website’s appearance.

select widgets buttons color

5. Select Language:

Tailor the widget to your audience by selecting the appropriate language from the dropdown menu. This action ensures that the calculator speaks to your users in a language they're comfortable with, making the tool accessible and user-friendly for an international audience.

select crypto widget language

6. Check Widget Preview:

The preview on the right will now show your selected widget customizations. Review to ensure that it appears as you require for your website.

check crypto widget preview

7. Copy Widget HTML:

The HTML code appears in the grey' Website Widget' box on the bottom right. Click the 'Copy' icon to select and copy the HTML.

copy crypto widget html

8. Log in to your WordPress Dashboard:

Go to and enter your credentials to log in.

login to wordpress website

9. Navigate to Pages or Posts:

Once in the Dashboard, click on 'Pages' or 'Posts' from the left sidebar, depending on where you want to add the widget. Hover the cursor over the page or post title you wish to edit and click on 'Edit with Elementor.'

navigate to pages or posts

10. Locate the Shortcode Widget in Elementor

In the Elementor panel on the left side, search for the 'Shortcode' widget by typing 'Shortcode' into the search bar.

locate shortcode in elementor

11. Drag and Drop the Shortcode Widget:

Click and drag the widget to the section of the page where you want the crypto calculator to appear.

drag and drop shortcode widget

12. Add the HTML Code to the widget:

Paste the Crypto Profit Calculator HTML into the Shortcode widget.

add html to crypto widget

13. Preview and Test the Calculator Widget:

Click on the 'Preview' button in Elementor to open a new tab with your changes. Ensure the crypto calculator works correctly by testing its functionality in the preview.

preview crypto widget

14. Publish or Update Your Page:

If you are satisfied with the preview, click on the 'Publish' button if it's a new page or 'Update' if you edit an existing page.

publish or update page

Embracing Crypto Widget Functionality for Elementor

As we have journeyed through the landscape of cryptocurrency widgets for Elementor, it's clear that integrating such tools is not just a trend but a substantial enhancement for your crypto-oriented website. We have seen how easy it is to add crypto calculator to website with Elementor, like our real-time price tickers, portfolio trackers, and Crypto Profit Calculator. Notably, PlasBit crypto widgets for Elementor can transform how users interact with your website. By providing an array of interactive and informative tools, they enhance user experience and engagement, driving the success of your website. As you continue to update and refine your site's crypto features, stay abreast of the latest developments in widget functionality to ensure that your website stands out and fully empowers your audience in the ever-evolving digital currency landscape.

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