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Enhance your website with PlasBit's Crypto Fear Calculator to deliver added value to your users.
Create custom crypto widgets design without any restrictions and it's absolutely free. Assist users finding out the exact
value of their cryptocurrency in any supported global currency, using precise and and you're all set up-to-date exchange rates.
Setting up is a breeze – simply copy and paste the shortcode onto your website, and you're all set.


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Crypto Fear and Greed Indicator
74 Greed


52 Greed

Last Week

53 Greed

Last Month

Last Update

July 21, 2024

74 Greed
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<div id="crypto_fear_calc" data-coins="BTC" data-cards="" data-rss="" data-theme="linear-gradient(90deg, rgba(115, 114, 114, 1) 0%, rgba(0, 0, 0, 1) 50%, rgba(115, 114, 114, 1) 100%)" data-text="#ffffff" data-button="#0581de" data-vertical="false" data-coin="BTC" data-price="USD" data-crypto-amount="1" data-switch-mode="false" data-currency-amount="1" data-language="en"></div><script src=""></script>

Copy and paste this into where you want the widget to be. You can load as many widgets of this type as you like, but only load the script once.