How To Embed Crypto Calculator Widget For Your Website

how to embed crypto calculator widget

In the rapidly evolving world of cryptocurrency, equipping your website with cutting-edge tools like cryptocurrency calculators can significantly elevate user experience and enhance your site's functionality. This article aims to demystify integrating these advanced financial tools into your website. We'll offer a comprehensive, step-by-step guide on how to embed crypto calculator widget HTML into the most popular CMS platforms. These calculators are not only helpful for crypto enthusiasts to instantly access crypto prices, but they also offer added advantages to website owners, acting as value-added features that increase site engagement. We'll also delve into other powerful crypto calculators that provide a wide range of services, from mining profitability projections to tax analysis tools. The result is a free way to provide users with an enhanced experience that keeps them on your site longer and returning.

Benefits of Adding Crypto Calculator Widgets

Incorporating these widgets into websites is becoming an increasingly popular trend. These cryptocurrency tools offer a wide range of benefits, enhancing not only the functionality of the website but also its overall user engagement. For example, PlasBit crypto calculator helps facilitate the conversion of various cryptocurrency values into a wide array of fiat currencies, which broadens a website’s appeal.

Free To Use

One of the most significant benefits of such calculators is that they're free. Unlike many other tools with subscription fees or hidden charges, a free crypto calculator widget can be easily integrated into a website at no extra cost. This benefit makes them particularly appealing for website owners who want to provide valuable content to users without incurring additional expenses. The no-cost factor encourages users to engage with the tool and experiment with cryptocurrency conversions without fear of incurring charges.

Increased Engagement

These crypto widgets directly impact the level of user engagement on a site. They provide users with an interactive tool that allows them to perform instant crypto-to-fiat conversions. By providing real-time data on the value of cryptocurrencies, these calculators enable users to make informed decisions, thereby increasing their interaction with the website. The more functional the website, the more time users are likely to spend on it, leading to higher engagement and, consequently, better SEO ranking.

Enhanced User Experience

Crypto calculator widgets enhance the user experience by providing a seamless and convenient way to transact cryptocurrency. Users no longer need to leave your site to find the current value of a cryptocurrency. This feature means lower bounce rates and higher user retention, critical factors in enhancing the overall user experience and improving the website's SEO ranking.

Educating Users

These calculators also serve as educational tools. They allow users to learn about cryptocurrencies and their value in traditional currencies. This feature can be particularly beneficial for sites that cater to beginners in the crypto world, as it can boost their understanding and knowledge of the market. They can make more informed decisions by genuinely understanding the value of the assets held in their crypto wallet. This educative aspect can further attract more visitors to your website, increasing the overall traffic.

Boosting Credibility

Integrating a crypto calculator widget into your website can also boost its credibility. It shows that you are in line with the latest trends in the digital world, which can enhance your website's reputation among users. This increased credibility can lead to higher trust from users, which can, in turn, lead to higher user loyalty and repeat visits.

Crypto Calculator Widget HTML Customization

This feature-rich tool offers various customization options to match your website's unique requirements. To get started, navigate to the crypto widget page and click on the 'Calculator' button to access the widget and see a list of cryptocurrencies available. Simply choose the cryptocurrencies you wish to be displayed on your widget. Next, style your widget to blend seamlessly with your website. Choose from a selection of colors for text and background, enhancing your site's visual appeal. Additionally, language customization is available to cater to a diverse user base. This accessibility feature improves user interaction and experience, making your site more user-friendly. Once you've finalized your customization, the HTML code in the grey box will automatically update to reflect your choices. To incorporate the widget into your site, click the copy symbol to capture the revised HTML code, ready for pasting onto your website. Remember, the HTML code instantly reflects each alteration to the widget settings. This feature ensures you always have an up-to-date version of the widget, perfectly tailored to your website's needs.

how to embed crypto calculator widget

How to Embed Crypto Calculator Widget?

This tutorial will guide you on incorporating our crypto price widget HTML code into your website. We'll provide comprehensive steps for five primary Content Management Systems (CMS). Enhance your website's functionality and user engagement by embedding the Crypto Calculator crypto widget.


WordPress is a globally recognized CMS that is widely utilized. Embedding an HTML widget into a WordPress CMS can be accomplished relatively easily. Here's a detailed guide to help you:

1. Log into WordPress:

Start by accessing your WordPress account. This step is usually done by visiting and replacing with your specific domain name.

2. Proceed to the Widgets Page:

Upon login, locate the 'Appearance' tab on the left-hand side of your dashboard. Click on 'Widgets' to enter the Widgets page.

3. Pick a Widget Area:

On the Widgets page, you'll see a list of accessible widget spaces. These are the sections on your site where you can incorporate widgets. The names of these areas will differ based on your chosen theme, but they typically relate to the site regions they symbolize, such as 'Sidebar' and 'Footer.' Choose the area where you'd like your HTML code to appear.

4. Incorporate a Custom HTML Widget:

Select the 'Custom HTML' widget within the available widgets section. Then, pick the widget area you selected earlier and click 'Add Widget.'

5. Input the HTML Code:

In the 'Content' area of the widget now displayed in your chosen widget area, input your HTML code. Be careful not to alter any existing code if present.

6. Confirm Modifications:

Click 'Save' to apply the changes. WordPress will automatically store your changes and update your live website.

7. Check the Live Site:

Finally, navigate to your website to check the appearance and functionality of the HTML code you've incorporated. Following these steps, you can successfully embed HTML into your WordPress CMS.

Adding Calculator Widgets to WordPress Using Elementor

If you're a WordPress user and a fan of the popular Elementor editor, embedding free crypto widgets to your site can be simple. Here is a detailed, step-by-step guide to help you.

1. Create or Alter a Page:

Initiate by crafting a new page or tweaking an existing one via your WordPress dashboard.

2. Launch Elementor:

After selecting the page for the calculator integration, click on the 'Edit with Elementor' button. This command will boot up the Elementor interface.

3. Locate Shortcode:

When inside the Elementor interface, steer towards the 'Shortcode' function. This feature is typically nestled within the Elementor settings in the dashboard.

4. Add New Code:

Hit the button to introduce a fresh custom code. This step will launch a window where you can key in your HTML code.

5. Key In HTML Code:

In the 'Code' segment, type in the HTML code for your calculator. Be sure to paste the entire code and abstain from altering any part.

6. Save and Preview:

Click 'Save' to apply the modifications. Once saved, you can check the page to validate the look and functionality of the calculator.

7. Publish:

If you're satisfied with the look and functionality of the calculator, hit 'Publish' to make it available on your site.


Embedding widgets to your Wix website can help to enhance its personal touch and functionality. Here's a step-by-step guide:

1. Login to your Wix account:

Visit and sign in using your credentials.

2. Access your Website Editor:

From your dashboard, select the website you want to edit by clicking 'Edit Site.'

3. Add an HTML iFrame:

In your editor, you'll see a toolbar on the left-hand panel. To add a new element, click the plus icon ("+"), select 'More' and choose 'HTML iFrame' from the dropdown menu.

4. Position the HTML iFrame:

Drag the HTML iFrame to the desired location on your webpage and adjust its size to fit your content.

5. Enter your HTML code:

Click on 'Enter Code,' and a dialogue box will open. Here, you can insert your HTML code. Ensure it's correct and safe to prevent potential website complications.

6. Apply your changes:

Once you've input your code, click 'Apply.' Your HTML content should now be visible in the HTML iFrame.

7. Save and Publish:

Click 'Save' in the top right corner to secure your changes. Then, click 'Publish' to reflect the updates on your live site.

8. Check your live site:

Visit your website via a new browser tab to verify that the HTML content is displayed as intended. Remember, the placement of your HTML widget is crucial to ensure its visibility and ease of access. Position it in a spot that enhances your site's design and overall functionality.


Incorporating an HTML widget into your Joomla site is a simple process that includes creating a custom HTML module and inserting your HTML script. Here is the step-by-step guide:

1. Log into Joomla Dashboard:

Use your login credentials to access your Joomla admin dashboard.

2. Proceed to Extensions:

Locate the "Extensions" option in the top menu and click on it. A dropdown menu will appear; select "Modules" from this menu.

3. Generate a New Module:

Once on the Modules page, find the "New" button, usually positioned at the top left corner. Clicking this button will launch a list of module options.

4. Opt for Custom HTML:

From the presented list of modules, choose the "Custom" option. This action will lead to the creation of a new custom HTML module.

5. Insert Your HTML Script:

Within the newly created custom module, you will find a text editor. This area is where you paste your HTML script. If the editor is not showing, click "Toggle editor" to display the source code.

6. Position Your Module:

Choose the location on your website for the HTML widget to show. Joomla templates offer a variety of placements by default, and you can make your preference from the ‘Position’ dropdown menu.

7. Allocate the Module to Menu Items:

Under "Menu Assignment," decide where your module should appear. It can be made visible on all pages, selected pages, or not at all.

8. Save Your Adjustments:

After inserting your HTML and setting the module's position and assignment, click the "Save" button to preserve your changes. Your HTML widget should appear on your Joomla site at the selected position. Review the widget's functionality and appearance on different browsers and device types to ensure it works as intended.


Drupal offers a seamless method of how to embed crypto calculator widget HTML into your site through its Block Layout feature. Here's a step-by-step guide:

1. Accessing Block Layout:

Log into your Drupal account and navigate to your site's dashboard. Select 'Structure' from the menu and then 'Block Layout.' This area is where you'll decide where your HTML content will be displayed on your webpage.

2. Creating a Custom Block:

Once on the Block Layout page, click on the 'Custom Block Library.' Proceed by clicking '+ Add custom block.' Here, you'll create a new block where your HTML code will be inserted.

3. Entering HTML Code:

You'll see several fields on the 'Add custom block' page. In the 'Block description' field, give your block a unique name for easy identification later. In the 'Body' section, switch the format to 'Full HTML' and paste the HTML code into the 'Body' field.

4. Saving and Positioning Block:

After adding your HTML code, hit 'Save' to create the block. Go back to the 'Block Layout' page to position your block. Choose the region where you want your HTML content to appear, then click 'Place Block.' Select your block using its description in the following pop-up window, and again hit 'Place Block.'

5. Adjust Block Settings:

Adjust the visibility settings as needed on the 'Configure block' page. Finally, click 'Save block.' Following these steps, you can effortlessly integrate HTML into your Drupal site. Remember to position your block to enhance the user experience, so choose its location wisely.

Additional Free Crypto Calculator Widgets

As well as explaining how to embed crypto calculator widget HMTL on your website, PlasBit offers a variety of other free crypto analysis tools you can integrate. These tools can elevate the usefulness and appeal of your website, drawing in your audience by delivering a high level of functionality.

Crypto Profit Calculator

This free, user-friendly crypto widget revolutionizes how cryptocurrency traders and holders analyze their digital assets. Our Crypto Profit Calculator allows users to calculate potential profits or losses from their cryptocurrency assets by inputting the initial purchase amount, buying and selling prices, and associated fees of their chosen cryptocurrency. With extensive support for various cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP), and Litecoin (LTC), the Profit Calculator ensures accurate calculations for a wide range of crypto assets. One of the unique features of this tool is its real-time functionality, which fetches live prices of cryptocurrencies for up-to-date calculations. The Profit Calculator also factors in the often disregarded aspect of trading - fees, giving traders a more realistic view of their potential gains or losses. Suitable for beginners and seasoned traders, this straightforward tool provides the net profit or loss once inputting the necessary data, offering valuable insights to guide acquisition decisions.

Crypto History Calculator

This crypto tool provides an in-depth analysis of the previous performance of any selected cryptocurrency, serving as a crucial benchmark for identifying possible trends or patterns. Given the dramatic volatility of the crypto market, an understanding of past price oscillations is imperative, and this is precisely what the Crypto History Calculator facilitates. Users simply choose a cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin, and specify a date, time, and purchase amount. The tool then reveals the historical cost of the selected crypto at that specific time. This information can be a critical determinant for traders, aiding their decision-making based on the cryptocurrency's historical performance. A standout feature of this tool is its capacity to forecast potential gains or losses. By comparing the historical and present prices, users can determine whether their purchase would have resulted in profit or loss had they purchased at the chosen date. This insight can be game-changing in formulating crypto strategies, offering users a simulation of possible scenarios.

Crypto Mining Calculator

This robust crypto widget is a free and indispensable tool for those immersed in the intricate realm of cryptocurrency mining. For individuals and businesses mining Bitcoin, the Crypto Mining Calculator goes a step further than just estimating possible profits; it allows users to input specifics such as the Bitcoin mining hash rate, power consumption, and the cost of electricity, as well as any possible pool or maintenance fees. Considering these critical factors, the Crypto Mining Calculator offers a comprehensive snapshot of mining profitability. This sophisticated tool is also helpful for gauging the real-world impact of mining operations, considering cryptocurrency mining's energy-intensive nature. By quantifying this energy use, the calculator can influence more ethically and ecologically responsible choices from miners. Furthermore, the Crypto Mining Calculator is praised for its capacity to simplify complex computations. Cryptocurrency is often viewed as a labyrinth of complex algorithms and bewildering figures. Still, this calculator simplifies these intricacies into digestible metrics, making it an essential, cost-free tool for navigating the crypto-mining landscape.

Crypto Tax Calculator

This widget is a potent free crypto tool designed to navigate the complexities of cryptocurrency tax calculations. The Crypto Tax Calculator is a comprehensive solution for estimating your cryptocurrency taxes. It considers vital parameters like residency, filing status, estimated annual taxable income, crypto purchase costs, sales proceeds, and the duration you've held onto your crypto assets. Whether you're a married UK resident filing your taxes separately or a single US citizen, this calculator simplifies your tax estimation process. By inputting data such as your estimated annual income, crypto purchase costs, sales proceeds, and holding period, the Crypto Tax Calculator offers you an approximate figure for your capital gains tax. This information equips you with a clear understanding of potential tax liabilities, enabling you to make informed financial decisions. As a result, you can concentrate more on devising effective trading strategies and less on tax calculations. The Crypto Tax Calculator saves you precious time and gives you the confidence to trade, knowing that your potential tax liabilities are under control.

Leveraging the Functionality of Free Crypto Calculators

Integrating cryptocurrency calculators into your website is no longer a luxury but a necessity in this rapidly evolving digital currency landscape. From providing instant crypto price conversions to offering more sophisticated tools like mining profitability projections and tax analysis, these free financial tools are as indispensable for users as digital wallets and crypto debit cards. As we explored, learning how to embed crypto calculator widget HTML can be accomplished seamlessly across various CMS platforms. This versatility enriches the user experience and is a value-added feature that can significantly magnify site engagement. The result is a site that keeps users engaged for extended periods and incentivizes repeat visits. In the grand scheme, these calculators are more than just financial tools; they're strategic assets that can bolster your website's relevance and functionality in a highly competitive digital space. As cryptocurrency continues to evolve at a breakneck pace, staying updated with such cutting-edge tools is crucial. PlasBit believes that just as cryptocurrencies have transformed the financial landscape, integrating our crypto calculators into your website can redefine your site's user experience and engagement. Whether you're a seasoned crypto enthusiast or a newcomer, the time to harness the power of cryptocurrency calculators is now. Embrace these powerful financial tools and watch your website grow in popularity and usability.

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