How To Find the Next 100x Crypto

How To Find the Next 100x Crypto

The world of finance has been completely transformed by cryptocurrencies. This presents investors with unprecedented chances to generate exponential returns. Many people find it impossible to resist the prospect of discovering the next great cryptocurrency. By this, we are referring to one with the potential to increase 100x in value. However, managing the wide and frequently unstable world of cryptocurrency demands a calculated strategy. Thinking of how to find the next 100x crypto? You should assess factors such as the coin's level of hype and anticipation, the project's significant community support, and the underlying technology, market size, the industry it aims for, and the fact that it is listed on significant exchanges.

Enthusiasts can make better judgments by examining these crucial factors and comprehending how they interact. Furthermore, they can raise their odds of spotting the cryptocurrency market's next big opportunity. This guide will give you a thorough framework for assessing cryptocurrencies. You will also be able to determine the ones with rapid growth potential.

Let us talk about how you can secure the next big thing in crypto. At PlasBit, we value our audience and will consistently simplify complex crypto-related information for you. This made us compile the parameters you can use to identify potential coins that will scale you up.

Parameters for Identifying Potential Coins

Investment in cryptocurrencies has grown in popularity in recent years as more people look to earn large profits. However, with thousands of cryptocurrencies out there, it can be hard to figure out which ones could yield big returns. When assessing a cryptocurrency's potential coins, investors can take into account a number of important factors to assist them in making well-informed selections. This leads us to discuss the key parameters to take note of. Follow as we proceed.

1. Technology

Looking for innovation and advancement is crucial when examining the technology underlying cryptocurrencies. Look for coins that provide more functionality than a simple blockchain. Search for those that offer cutting-edge features like interoperability protocols, privacy solutions, or smart contracts. Scalability is also essential since cryptocurrencies cannot function as a realistic daily currency unless they can manage a large number of transactions. Think about the distinct applications that cryptocurrencies provide as well. Coins that provide a distinct advantage over current technology or address real-world issues are more likely to become successful.

For instance, a cryptocurrency that makes cross-border transfers quick and affordable would completely transform the remittance sector, unlike a budding one with no relevant technology features. It's a good idea to search for cryptocurrencies that are always changing. In the quickly evolving cryptocurrency space, projects with dynamic development teams that frequently upgrade their technology have a better chance of remaining competitive and relevant.

2. Community

A cryptocurrency project's community is crucial to its success since it is a major predictor of the technology's potential for expansion and uptake. A vibrant and engaged community is frequently indicative of broad interest in a coin, which is encouraging. It is well established that active communities have a major impact on a project's growth and uptake. They frequently have a significant impact on marketing campaigns, raising awareness, drawing in new customers, and luring investors.

Furthermore, collaborative and partnership-driven communities can strengthen the project's value proposition and market presence. It's critical to evaluate a cryptocurrency's community's strength and activity level before investing in meme coins. Seek out initiatives where the community is meaningfully involved in planning events, fostering collaborations, or making contributions to development. These communities have an increased tendency to encourage the project's long-term development and gradual improvement in value if they believe the backer to be of credible character.

3. Hype

In the world of cryptocurrencies, hype can be a strong force, frequently resulting in notable short-term price gains. But it's important to tackle hype properly and judiciously. Although not all enthusiasm in the cryptocurrency world is founded on real worth, altcoins that cause a stir in the community might see rapid price increases. It's critical to distinguish between hype motivated by speculation and hype derived from real value propositions. Projects that can withstand long-term growth after the initial hype cycle are those with solid foundations, cutting-edge technology, and practical use cases.

However, coins that only rely on speculative trading or overstated claims can see sharp fluctuations in value, putting investors in danger of losing money. It's critical to carry out careful investigation and due diligence in order to navigate the hype-driven industry. Seek for initiatives with partnerships that offer real returns, transparent development teams, and a dedicated community. Investors can potentially benefit from actual growth possibilities and make better selections by concentrating on ventures that have substance behind the hype.

4. Market Cap

A key factor in determining whether or not to invest in cryptocurrencies is their market capitalization, popularly known as market cap. Since they might see significant price spikes, low-market capitalization coins are frequently thought to have greater potential for substantial growth. They do, however, also pose a higher risk due to their volatility and susceptibility to manipulation. On the other hand, currencies with a high market capitalization tend to be less erratic and more stable in terms of value.

Despite having less potential for exponential growth, they often offer a safer investment option than smaller cap coins. Investors often attempt to balance market capitalization with growth potential. They enable this by applying their financial objectives and risk tolerance. It is essential to conduct thorough research when considering cryptocurrency investments. This should be prioritized, regardless of the value of the coin.

5. Industry

Understanding the industry is crucial when assessing the potential of a cryptocurrency. There are certain industries, such as NFTs, that have experienced explosive growth due to crypto. The use of cryptos in these industries has also shown potential for sustainable expansion of individual coins. Understanding how they work can guide you toward coins that are well-positioned and sustainable.

These industries sometimes determine the practical application and utility of coins. A coin that solves real-world problems is more likely to gain widespread adoption and value. Also, partnerships by industry experts can drive innovation and enhance a coin's abilities. This would make it more competitive and valuable in the market.

6. Listing on Major Exchanges

A significant step for cryptocurrencies is being listed on well-known exchanges. This is because of the several important benefits attached to them. Investors can check out coins listed on well-known exchanges. These platforms increase trading volume and liquidity. Increased market exposure and potential demand are things that could raise the coin's value.

You should know that the listing requirements for these exchanges are usually strict. This is because they require projects to adhere to specific regulatory compliance standards. Because of this, investors might view listed coins as more reliable. Also, they are less likely to be connected to questionable activity. Exchange listings can also increase a cryptocurrency's awareness in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. They frequently occur in conjunction with heightened media attention and focus from traders. This can cause a further spark of interest from many others.

How To Find the Next 100x Crypto

How to Find the Next 100x Crypto Using Reliable Tools

Now, let us discuss how you can use some tools to help identify cryptocurrencies with huge potential.

1. Coin Aggregators

Coin aggregators, such as CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko, are invaluable resources for cryptocurrency enthusiasts. This is because they provide in-depth market data and trends. When using these platforms, it is important to look for currencies that have steadily increasing market capitalization. This could indicate growing interest and potential in the future.

These services also offer a wide range of features to let consumers compare different cryptocurrencies. They usually incorporate metrics such as price, market capitalization, and trading volume. This goes a long way in enlightening a potential investor.

2. DexTool

DexTool is also an essential resource for those interested in finding the next 100x coin. The platform offers access to real-time data from decentralized exchanges. It also provides users with knowledge about popular and upcoming coins before they make their debut. Dextool is extremely vital to the ecosystem because it aligns with decentralization. With these moves, it helps users remain ahead of the curve. Following their guide, you can obtain real-time data and make educated financial decisions. Discovering a coin with potential first could result in early significant profits.

3. Twitter

Twitter is a great resource for learning about the most recent trends. Tracking crypto-focused experts like Vitalik Buterin and Roger Ver definitely results in premium access to insightful information on market trends. These people frequently share their findings, insights, and forecasts. These can aid in the early detection of lucrative investment opportunities. Before making any financial decisions, it is also crucial to confirm information from other sources. You can stay ahead of the curve and make better decisions by fusing their analysis with your own research.

4. YouTube Commentators

There are several YouTube analysts who are well-known in the cryptocurrency world. These analysts constantly provide in-depth research and perspectives on prospective coins. While these pundits might offer insightful commentary, prudence is recommended. Therefore, before making any investing decisions, viewers should make sure to cross-reference information from several other sources. Although a large number of YouTube commentators are reliable, viewers should be mindful of the possibility of biased or false material. Before making any investments, it's wise to look at a range of viewpoints and information sources. You should also be cautious of analysts who push specific currencies too much or without enough justification; this may be a sign of a conflict of interest or an attempt to manipulate the market.

5. Technical Analysis

When trading cryptocurrencies, analysis is crucial because it provides points based on price charts and trading volume. Traders can identify patterns and trends that may indicate future price movements. This is possible when they examine historical pricing data and market information. Also, know that proper technical analysis helps with a graphical representation of market data. Graphics tend to break a scenario into bits for easier comprehension. This initiative makes it easy for enthusiasts to process information faster. An added benefit of doing this analysis is the use of indicators, such as the Relative Strength Index (RSI), to track price movements. Efficient application helps identify potential trading opportunities in the long run.

6. Professional Reports

Professional reports from firms like DappRadar and Messari also help in understanding the cryptocurrency sector properly. These studies provide comprehensive insights that will inspire traders to avoid common errors. The studies also assist them in making wise investment choices. Messari and DappRadar are well-known in the industry for their extensive research and assessments. They commonly address the pros and cons of a coin. They further evaluate how it competes in the market and highlight likely threats. As an investor trying to gauge if a coin is sustainable, stay glued to those firms. Finally, these reports are extremely helpful in navigating the complicated cryptocurrency landscape.

List of Cryptocurrencies With Potential for 100x Profit

The following are the cryptocurrencies that have a big growth potential at the moment. Are you still thinking of how to find the next 100x crypto? These coins have momentum right now and are capable of a 100x profit.

1. Dogeverse

Dogeverse is the top option on our list and has the greatest chance of becoming a 100x currency. This is because, within minutes of its introduction, it raised over $250, and in less than a month, it raised over $11 million. Another distinctive feature of this meme coin with a dog theme is that it can be found on six different blockchains. It is available for purchase on Ethereum, Binance, Polygon, Base, and Avalanche; Solana will be available soon. Possessing multiple blockchains, two of which are important hubs for meme coins, has enormous potential for price growth. There are 200 billion tokens in total, 15% of which are allocated for the presale.

2. Smog

Smog is a meme coin that was introduced on the Jupiter decentralized exchange. It stands out from other meme coins thanks to its extensive airdrop campaign and lucrative staking returns. Its goal is to become the top SOL meme coin. Following the initial public offering (IPO), $SMOG experienced rapid growth, rising from its $0.001419 debut to a price of $0.378 and a market value of almost $294 million.

Even if the price has dropped today, there is still a lot of excitement about this coin. There are 1.4 billion tokens in total supply, according to the Smog whitepaper. Of these, 490 million tokens have been distributed as airdrop incentives, and it provides a variety of options for generating passive revenue. By holding $SMOG, staking, and participating in social media and community challenges, early purchases can generate passive revenue.

3. 99Bitcoins

99Bitcoins is a well-known company with a thriving community. As a result, those who contribute to the platform will profit from the $99BTC token, which will contribute to the token boom. The opportunity for users to earn cryptocurrency while learning about it is now the most well-liked feature of this platform. Additional advantages, such as staking awards, premium courses, webinars, trading alerts, and much more, will be available to token holders.

4. WienerAI

This is a special fusion of cutting-edge AI technology and well-known dog-themed meme coins. This combination, together with the additional benefits this coin provides, makes it an excellent choice for our list. The goal of the WAI team was to produce a coin that could be upgraded eternally. This implies that the coin will evolve along with the AI industry as it grows and evolves.

Given that the WAI collected over $300k in just a few days following its introduction, it was clear that a lot of people were intrigued by this notion. With an entry point so low for a project with such high goals, WienerAI is currently only $0.0003 during its ongoing presale. Those who buy this coin can also benefit from large daily staking returns, which are now at 1,900%.

5. Slothana

A new take on meme coin presales, Slothana is a token that is causing a stir in the cryptocurrency world. There was not much information on the website; all you had to do was send your $SOL to the address and wait to get your $SLOTH tokens. A veil of confidentiality added to the excitement, and in less than 48 hours, the presale surpassed the $2 million milestone. It has raised over $15 million in just one month, demonstrating its incredible potential to become the next 100x coin.

For traders interested in participating since then, Slothana has released a more user-friendly widget; traders can still use the Solana address listed on the website. For each $SOL sent, presale participants will earn 10,000 $SLOTH. By the time the presale ends, this might become quite profitable because the price of Solana has increased by 6,000% in the last 12 months. The Slothana team has been hinting at a possible launch date on X (Twitter) to its fans, and as the presale comes to an end, more details appear to be forthcoming.

Pitfalls of Blindly Investing in Meme Coins

Investing in meme coins can be quite enticing because of the possibility of fast and substantial gains, but if done carelessly, it can cause a number of serious issues. The fact that many meme coins lack intrinsic value is one of the main problems. Before you seek how to find the next 100x crypto, know that meme coins frequently rely on social media buzz and celebrity endorsements. Because of this, they are extremely erratic and prone to dramatic price fluctuations based only on sentiment. In addition, there are a lot of scammers in the meme coin market.

Given that many meme currencies are made as fast money grabs, developers could give up on a project quickly, leaving investors with tokens that have no value. Since many meme coins are anonymous and decentralized, it may be very difficult to retrieve stolen money or hold developers responsible. Moreover, making reckless investments in meme coins can result in losses of money and wasted possibilities.

Although the value of certain meme coins has skyrocketed, many more have crashed and burned, leaving investors with substantial losses. Furthermore, investors may miss out on other potentially lucrative investment opportunities by concentrating just on meme coins and failing to diversify their portfolios.


Taking action on how to find the next 100x crypto requires thorough investigation, evaluation, and factoring in a number of other aspects. For those prepared to do due diligence, the cryptocurrency market can present substantial potential in addition to the risks associated with it. You may improve your chances of discovering the next big thing in the cryptocurrency field by staying tuned to PlasBit blogs. You should also constantly be aware of the parameters for identifying possible coins, employing the appropriate tools, and avoiding pitfalls.

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