How Much Do Top Crypto Traders Make?

how much do top crypto traders make

In the exciting world of cryptocurrency, a new gold rush is rising. This time, however, the quest for fortune is pursued not in the rivers or on land chased by the gold-hungry pioneers. Instead, changed by the aura of digital technologies, the modern frenzy for wealth occurs on the shaky floors of digital exchanges.

While the tides of the global market rise and fall, the question of how much do top crypto traders make remains crucial to understanding the cryptocurrency world. This article introduces the unseen earnings of the best traders whose success stories enlighten aspiring business people and how much top crypto traders make in the new realm of currency.

Thus, revealing the profits of participating in the digital races will shed light on the context of the crypto business and the gains that might be achieved.

The Most Profitable Crypto Traders in the World

Wondering who are the top crypto traders and how much top crypto traders make? As wide as cryptocurrency is, holding an overwhelming number of thought leaders and trading maestros who have made a fortune from digital money, it is difficult to shrink the area to necessity.

To prove your hand navigating the digital wealth maze, we have prepared a list of the most successful crypto traders you must pay attention to and learn how much do top crypto traders make.

Having made the wealth, they share their valuable insights on Twitter, YouTube, and even in webinars. Wet your curiosity regarding the baffling deals in the world of cryptocurrency. Below, you will find some of the details on how much top crypto traders make:


With over 97.2K Followers, @theionicXBT is known for his no-punches-pulled technical analysis, precise market calls, and total transparency in sharing his trading insights on Twitter.

His ability to uncover market trends and explain intricate trading systems in a way that’s easy to understand has made him a go-to figure for seasoned and rookie traders alike, looking to carve out their paths through cryptocurrency’s wild ride.

Feeling out the dynamics of the market and possessing the ability to see the most profitable moves from a mile away has firmly established him among the world’s most successful crypto traders.


With over 766.9K Followers on his Twitter channel, @Pentosh1 is another titan in the crypto trading community. He is known for his all-encompassing market overviews and regular advice on what assets he sees fit to invest in.

Years of experience and an analytical approach to evaluating cryptocurrencies have made him ideally suited to be often able to call the market moves before they happen. Access to his tweets not only provides value on the lay of the land in the current market conditions but also gets a range of practical trading tips and strategies that have proven profitable for many of his followers.

Bluntz Capital

Bluntz Capital is one of the well-known social media influencers in 2020. Being followed by over 247k users on Twitter, he is distinguished for his astonishing predictions and charts for hundreds of coins. In 2018, Smart Contractor won great admiration for his bright “bottom call for the Bitcoin market, where he forecasted the decline of BTC’s cost to $3.2k six months before its actual attainment.

Moreover, he makes numerous recommendations and provides a range of educational materials, paid or shared in paid groups and subscription services. Everything he publishes on his page is free, and such a sincere attitude should be respected.


With comprehensive market analysis and trading tips, CryptoCred has gathered a 454k-strong following on the strength of educational content. He’s made his dedication to education clear through free content sharing that passes a series of 14 detailed technical analysis lessons and various study guides and extras.

Meanwhile, his YouTube channel, Technical Roundup, provides regular market updates and further enriches the crypto community’s collective knowledge.


DonAlt has since risen to fame for his comprehensive market commentary and technical analyses, broadcast to his 392k followers on Twitter. He does not promote any products or platforms in his tweets to keep his content unbiased and informative.

DonAlt also co-hosts CryptoCred’s YouTube channel, Technical Roundup, which provides regular market insights and in-depth analysis, helping to further the education of the crypto community.

Ty Smith

Ty Smith is a notable figure within the crypto trading world and a pivot in entrepreneurial scaling for the crypto industry. As the CEO of Coinbound, the leading crypto marketing agency, Ty Smith has played a vital role in scaling top crypto companies such as Cosmos, Litecoin, Tron, eToro, Gala, Immutable and many others.

His insights on the crypto market are invaluable for traders looking to understand the macro industry dynamics and growth strategies.

Mastering the Market with Expert Strategies: Crypto Copy Trading

Looking to find out how much top crypto traders make and how to trade like them? Copy trading offers hope within the cryptocurrency realm for beginners entering the tumultuous world of digital assets and seasoned traders seeking to diversify their strategies.

Far from a mere hands-off learning experience, the method enables traders to navigate market intricacies tactically by mimicking the transactions of established traders. Wondering how much top crypto traders make and how to become like them? Read on to learn more about the copy trading:

Introduction to the Art of Copy Trading

At its essence, copy trading involves harnessing successful cryptocurrency traders' knowledge and market insights. Users can enhance their trading results by automatically copying their trades in real-time without a comprehensive market analysis.

The method democratizes access to the upper echelons of trading strategies, making them accessible to a wider audience.

Making Use of Copy Trading with Precision

The future of trading is here, but before newbies dive into the markets head first, we would advise them to:

  • Do their due diligence on the professional traders on they're considering following. Their trading style, risk management, how much do top crypto traders make, and performance history.
  • Start small. As they gain more confidence and understanding of the copy trading process, they can begin to tailor and increase their position size. Performance should mirror the risk level, but this isn't always true.
  • Stay abreast of market changes and ensure their copy trading settings reflect their current investment objectives.

Embracing the Future of Trading

Copy trading is at the crossroads of learning and earning. It democratizes the submission of expert trading strategies. Ultimately, you can be a greenhorn seeking to dig the ropes or an experienced trader assessing different avenues.

Leading platforms like OKX, Bybit, Pionex,, and Binance ensure that you securely venture into the world of copy trading that combines the best of your knowledge and experience. And as long as you do your homework and move in measured steps, all signs indicate that it's game on as you look to leverage the full potential of the ever-evolving cryptocurrency market.

Tips to Make Profit By Crypto Trading

If you want to systematize your trading efforts and gain profits, we recommend relying on the following strategies: a mixture of basic approaches and some innovative ones.

They include researching the right coins to invest in, developing the right crypto trading strategy focusing on long-term methods, utilizing tools such as crypto technical analysis to identify emerging patterns, considering swing trading for a few days or weeks, and mastering scalping that can potentially guarantee textbook profits.

Researching the Right Coins to Invest In

You may choose either fundamental or crypto technical analysis to identify your best options among numerous cryptocurrencies. In the course of the former, users learn the intrinsic value of the coins of their interest by examining different coins.

This method implies an emphasis on the technology incorporated, the team promoting the product, and the position in the market. Overall, you can use a high-end crypto research platform, such as Token Metrics, to assess the potential how much top crypto traders make on numerous coins and decide on the best option to invest in.

Here are the best seven cryptocurrencies to buy based on the recent market trends and analyses:

  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Binance Coin (BNB)
  • Polkadot (DOT)
  • Cardano (ADA)
  • Avalanche (AVAX)
  • Cosmos Network (ATOM)
  • Immutable X (IMX)

Developing the Right Crypto Trading Strategy

If you are interested in consistent long-term profits, consider using the Dollar-Cost Averaging method to invest small fixed sums irrespective of the market trends. One alternative approach to this category presupposes the use of the Golden Cross/Death Cross strategy.

It is a concept based on the principles of Moving Averages aimed at signaling the potential reversals and approaches to entering or exiting the market.

Using Crypto Technical Analysis to Identify Patterns

Historical data can also be used to predict future price fluctuations. Depending on the mission, you can rely on Moving Averages, RSI, or different Chart Patterns to analyze emerging trends.

For a more comprehensive approach, apply the fundamentals of the Wyckoff Method, concentrating on market cycles and determining optimal trading opportunities at a particular stage.

Embrace Swing Trading

If you want to enter the market for some days or weeks, consider following the concepts of the swing approach. Its main principle is to initiate trading along the short- to medium-term movements and fluctuations.

Use a few crypto technical analysis tools, including trend lines and Fibonacci retracements, to identify possible entry and exit points.


Scalping is a strategy to benefit from numerous small gains on lesser price changes throughout the day. As it encourages quick decision-making and superior timing, scalping often relies on high leverage. It implies making dozens or hundreds of trades throughout the day, with minute price differences.

Utilize Arbitrage Opportunities

Most of the time, arbitrage profiting in trading is buying on one exchange where prices of a certain coin are lower and selling on another exchange where the current rates are higher, irrespective of the bids and ask of the relevant trades.

It requires a fast trading process and occasional support of automated trading systems, as the price differences are too slight for manual trading.

Stay Informed with News-Based Trading

Most of the time, the rates result from market situations, news, and events, and effective trading requires staying informed. News trading requires time and awareness of news portals and, sometimes, social media to be successful.

Implement Algorithmic Trading

Algorithmic, or algorithm trading, uses computer programs as substitutes for human traders to assess and react to data. In analyzing large data sets across multiple timeframes, this type of trading reacts to the price moves faster than a human could.

Market Making

Market making is a crypto trading strategy based on providing the market with liquidity, which requires traders to place both buy and sell orders almost continuously near the market's current price, with the profit gained from the bid-ask spread.

Explore Position Trading for Long-Term Profits

This long-term trading practice implies holding the owners' positions for weeks, months, or even years and relies on fundamental analysis for the benefit of patience and time.

how much do top crypto traders make

Crafting a Personalized Crypto Trading Strategy: The Key to Individual Success

In the dynamic world of cryptocurrency trading, adopting a personalized strategy is not just beneficial; it's essential for long-term success. The financial markets are as varied as their traders, and what works for one might not work for another. So, don’t rush on investment by just knowing how much top crypto traders make on various coins, rather do your own research.

Indeed, the diverse success rates of people adopting identical strategies highlight the need for a crypto trading strategy compatible with who you are and where you can succeed.

Understanding the Need for a Personalized Approach

Given the effectiveness of a successful trader's strategy, it is only natural that many would try to mimic their efforts. They are not only tangible, with effective programs often raking in impressive profit margins, but their creators' high profile in the trading community also lends credibility to their approach.

Unfortunately, those drawn to a successful strategy often forget one crucial detail: trading strategies are as personal as fingerprints. Your financial situation, experience level, risk tolerance, emotions, and resilience shape them. Consequently, they cannot easily be transplanted into another person's outlook on the world.

Factors Influencing Your Approach

Financial Goals

Your goals are central to your crypto trading strategy. Are you out to make a quick buck and settle for daily or weekly trades, or are you more interested in creating a long-term portfolio? Your goals will determine what assets you trade, your investments, and how much time you devote to analyzing the markets.

Risk Tolerance

Every trader has a different tolerance for taking a risk. Some may dive into high-volatility assets promising exceptional profit margins and waiting for significant losses in return, while others may be comfortable with more stable investments and fewer risks.

Understanding your risk tolerance is key to ensuring that it doesn't lead you to make an impulsive or ultimately regrettable decision.

Field Knowledge

What you know about the market and its various assets is another critical factor in your strategy. A veteran trader may be more comfortable expanding his portfolio into lesser-known altcoins, incorporating solid knowledge of their application and development from their positions in blockchain technology.

Conversely, newcomers might stick to cleaner, high-performing assets like Bitcoin and Ethereum. If a beginner focuses on just how much top crypto traders make on various coins, they will end up with disappointment most of the time.

Time Commitment

The time you can afford to spend on trades is also an essential consideration. Day traders, who often want time to capitalize on small price changes in multiple trades daily, will spend significantly more time than a casual trader who spends a few hours per trading week to make long-term sales.

Importance of Maintaining Flexibility

Lastly, although every trader's situation is unique, few properties seem consistent throughout all scenarios.

With a rising and unpredictable marketplace such as cryptocurrencies, a plan that works might do so just before it doesn't. Maintaining a flexible approach not only helps you adjust to market shifts, but it may also help you profit from them.

Learning from Experience

Experience is the best teacher in the trading world. Each trade provides you with a series of lessons, either because you have repeated a tactic that yielded favorable results in the past or because you have noticed a change that needs to be made.

The experience you gain will continually refine and shape your tactics, providing you with a more optimized approach with each passing trade.

Securing Your Crypto Gains with PlasBit

With the digital economy on the rise, the need to secure and manage your crypto assets is of the essence. Amidst this digital renaissance, PlasBit has emerged as a visionary in this space, ensuring your crypto gains are safely stowed away with a broader vision of financial autonomy and innovation.

PlasBit: Beyond Exchange

More than just a crypto exchange, PlasBit is a lifeline to financial freedom and autonomy. It’s not just about technology; it’s a mission marked by the belief in the potential of blockchain to elevate humanity. This relentless pursuit drives PlasBit, which fosters an open financial society where everyone can control their work and property rights.

Unmatched Security: Our Guarantee for Your Peace of Mind

At PlasBit, we are out to protect your investments and personal information using ultra-mod security technology and stringent measures. Our security structure includes the following.

  • Advanced Encryption Technology: All your data is encrypted via the latest cyber technologies, which provide a comprehensive data security safeguard mechanism. This way, your personal information is safe, and financial transactions are kept confidential and not violable.
  • Secure Network Structure: Our network is designed meticulously to enhance the safety of your financial transactions, which resonates with our commitment to economic security.
  • Identity Authentication: For enhanced safety and security, as well as to curb fraud, PlasBit makes use of a strict identity verification method. We are determined to ensure that all your personal information is accessible and safe in the hands of the proper account holder.
  • No Hidden Fee Structure: One of our most significant points of pride at PlasBit is maintaining the most transparent fee structure. It ensures that you are comfortable in your transactions, knowing that no hidden fee is lurking somewhere to surprise you.
  • Cold Storage and 1:1 Reserve: At PlasBit, we also care about the security and safety of your valuables. We do this by ensuring that we have stored user`s cryptocurrencies in cold storage, which is 100% secure, alongside a 1:1 reserve for all your assets.
  • Two-Factor Authentication: To ensure that we have enhanced the security of your transactions, PlasBit applies stringent two-factor authentications and verifications via multiple SMS and email verifications before access is granted to your account.

PlasBit: Bridging the Gap Between Crypto and Fiat

The platform is designed to provide a straightforward and reliable way to cash in your crypto profits and learn everything about your transactions. Doesn’t matter whether you’re a seasoned crypto investor or a fresh enthusiast, PlasBit is always here to make your digital-to-physical money experience easy and secure.


In cryptocurrency trading, the success stories of the best traders demonstrate something more profound than the opportunities to become incredibly rich – they illustrate how strategic planning and knowledge of the market can be powerful.

Indeed, while cryptocurrencies are not representative of something that will “grow by itself” and offer any investor a huge return, the examples of Ripple’s developers, crucial figures connected to Ethereum, and the Winklevoss twins demonstrate that success is about strategic planning, not mere luck.

These examples show what can be done with cryptocurrencies, indicating the opportunities and landscape of the market. As more traders learn about the success of the mentioned figures, OKX, Bybit, and Binance, among a few other options for copy trading, become more popular.

However, these platforms allow other traders to use the strategies employed by those successful people and do not take their entire connotation. The idea behind making critical decisions and adjusting them to one’s market vision, tendencies, and preferences has a critical role in the cryptocurrency trading scenario.

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