How Do I Sell Bitcoin In Ukraine?

How do I sell Bitcoin in Ukraine

When thinking about selling Bitcoin in Ukraine, it's important to know the ways you can do it, the rules you need to follow, how the community is involved and how widely cryptocurrency is used in the country. How do I sell Bitcoin in Ukraine? A common way to do so is through PlasBit bank wire transfers. Our platform caters to users in Ukraine and other nations, providing you with a way to convert your Bitcoin into currency like the Ukrainian Hryvnia (UAH).

How Do You Exchange Bitcoin for Ukrainian Hryvnia?

Here is a detailed walkthrough on selling Bitcoin using bank wire transfer in Ukraine;

Step 1: Transfer Bitcoin to Your Wallet

Make sure you have funds for the transaction by transferring your Bitcoin to your wallet through a deposit.

Step 2: Go to the Wire Transfer Section

Head over to the "Wires" section on our platform to get all the details on converting cryptocurrency into Ukrainian Hryvnia (UAH) using bank transfers. You'll discover information about transfer completion, fees and transaction limits.

How do I sell Bitcoin in Ukraine

Step 3: Enter the Recipient's Bank Account Details

Please provide the recipient's banking details such as the account type, name, bank name, account number or IBAN, bank address and bank BIC/SWIFT code to start the conversion procedure.

How do I sell Bitcoin in Ukraine

Step 4: Select the Currency

Choose the Ukrainian Hryvnia (UAH) as your currency. We provide real-time exchange rates for transparency, allowing you to make informed decisions. Make sure your account has a cryptocurrency amount for the transaction.

How do I sell Bitcoin in Ukraine

Step 5: Review the Details and Submit the Transaction

Enter the desired amount in Ukrainian Hryvnia (UAH) for the transfer covering any charges or specify the amount to be deducted from your account balance, including fees. Review all transaction details before clicking "Submit" to begin the transfer. You will be notified about the cryptocurrency deduction from your account and can track the status of the wire transfer accordingly.

How do I sell Bitcoin in Ukraine

Step 6: Enter the Verification Codes

Finalize the transaction by inputting the codes you received through email and phone. Once done, click the 'Submit' button to complete the process.

How do I sell Bitcoin in Ukraine

Step 7: Monitor the Transaction

Once you've sent in the bank wire transfer request, you will receive an email confirming that it has been successfully submitted and approved by our team. Keep an eye on your account for any updates regarding the status of the wire transfer. Head over to the transactions section on the dashboard and switch the transaction type to view the history of wire transactions.

How do I sell Bitcoin in Ukraine

The document containing the details of your wire transfer from the bank can be found here.

wire transfer 3

You can easily exchange your Bitcoin for Ukrainian Hryvnia (UAH) on our platform by following these steps. Our main focus guarantees each user has control over their funds. Our goal is straightforward: To provide financial freedom to those who take time to study and work for it. We do not just offer a service; we are forging a path for every client to create their financial destiny.

Regulation and Taxation of Cryptocurrency in Ukraine

Ukraine is taking steps towards regulating and taxing cryptocurrencies aiming to align its laws with the European Parliament's Markets in Crypto Assets (MiCA) package. This effort includes setting up licensing requirements for service providers and ensuring measures for safeguarding investors. By following the MiCA standards Ukraine shows its commitment to becoming a leader in the landscape. The recent guidance from the State Tax Service of Ukraine on taxing income from cryptocurrency transactions reflects the government's approach to addressing taxation issues related to assets and providing clarity for market participants.

In terms of legislation Ukraine has made progress by passing a law called "On Virtual Assets" in 2021 after revisions, which was officially enacted in February 2022. This comprehensive law addresses issues such as the lack of regulation in virtual asset circulation, taxation policies and protection of property rights. If implemented this law will require service providers to register with the government, disclose ownership details and enforce anti-money laundering measures to promote transparency and accountability within the crypto industry.

Ukraine's Ministry of Economic Development has taken the lead in shaping regulations for cryptocurrencies despite the lack of rules. Since 2018 they have been working on establishing a framework for virtual assets. By introducing the "Concept of State Policy in the Field of Virtual Assets" the government aims to provide clarity in a changing digital currency landscape. The ongoing development of laws such as the "On Virtual Assets" legislation is expected to bring needed clarity and oversight addressing issues like money laundering and terrorist financing.

Regarding taxation, Ukraine plans to implement a tax system for cryptocurrencies to encourage investment in high-tech industries among crypto startups. The proposed favorable tax rates are intended to boost growth and innovation within the sector creating an environment for market players to access banking services, meet tax obligations and protect their virtual assets rights. Ukraine's proactive stance toward technology. To protect your assets, only choose platforms that adhere to regulatory standards. PlasBit operations are governed by the Polish government, holding a crypto exchange license, and as a registered company in Poland (NIP 5214002884), we are regulated by the Ministry of Finance under license reference number RDWW-533 for activities in the field of virtual currencies. Nurturing innovation in cryptocurrency positions it as a vibrant center for crypto activities in the region. This positions Ukraine well to capitalize on opportunities and drive growth in this era.

List of Crypto Communities in Ukraine

In Ukraine there are cryptocurrency groups where fans come together to exchange ideas, talk about market shifts and delve into possibilities in the realm of digital assets. Let's take a look at some crypto communities in Ukraine;

Crypto Ukraine:

Crypto Ukraine is a Telegram channel that acts as a community hub with over 8,900 subscribers nationwide. It brings together a group of members who are deeply involved in the world of cryptocurrencies. The platform hosts engaging discussions on topics ranging from crypto concepts to more advanced ideas like nodes and retrodrops. Serving as a central meeting point for those exploring technology and decentralized finance Crypto Ukraine offers a wealth of insights, news updates and analysis to keep members informed and connected in the ever-changing crypto landscape.

In this community members freely share their knowledge, insights and resources to create an environment that encourages learning and collaboration. Whether discussing the market trends or exploring new projects and advancements, Crypto Ukraine plays a vital role in promoting deeper understanding and involvement in the exciting realm of cryptocurrencies. By emphasizing community unity and knowledge exchange Crypto Ukraine reflects the growing enthusiasm for technology and digital assets throughout Ukraine.

Blockchain Association of Ukraine:

The Blockchain Association of Ukraine (BAU) is a profit organization that represents and supports the blockchain community in Ukraine. Comprised of professionals, leaders and enthusiasts in the industry, the association works to promote the adoption and use of technology across the country. They focus on fostering innovation, education and collaboration within Ukraine's growing ecosystem through partnerships, advocacy and educational programs.

Their main goal is to integrate solutions into life to create new opportunities for economic growth, transparency and efficiency. By engaging with policymakers, industry players and the wider community they aim to create an environment for blockchain innovation and entrepreneurship. The association plays a role in advancing Ukraine's economy by advocating for its member's interests and raising awareness about blockchain technology to drive progress toward a more decentralized world.

Kyiv Ethereum Community:

The Kyiv Ethereum Community is an active group of people who share an interest in exploring and advancing the Ethereum ecosystem. This non-profit organization encourages collaboration and knowledge sharing among its members, who delve into aspects of Ethereum such as economics, governance and technical progress. Through research efforts, discussions and hands-on projects participants contribute to the development and expansion of the Ethereum platform, promoting innovation and pushing the boundaries of technologies.

Focused on education, exploration and community engagement, the Kyiv Ethereum Community serves as a central meeting point for enthusiasts to connect, learn and work together on initiatives that aim to enhance the adoption and understanding of Ethereum. By hosting meetups, workshops and educational activities the community aims to equip individuals with the knowledge and skills needed to engage in the Ethereum ecosystem. Serving as a beacon of creativity and cooperation in the blockchain sphere this community plays a role in nurturing talent, driving innovation forward and supporting growth within the Ethereum community.

BITCOIN Ukraine:

BITCOIN Ukraine is an active Facebook group that focuses on unraveling the complexities of Bitcoin and delving into the opportunities it offers. Members engage in discussions on topics such as technology, decentralized finance and cryptocurrency mining mechanics to enhance their understanding of Bitcoin's core principles. The group encourages collaboration through conversations, shared resources and educational materials allowing participants to expand their knowledge and explore ways to utilize Bitcoin for growth and investment strategies.

Aligned with the concept of decentralization BITCOIN Ukraine advocates for Bitcoin as a symbol of liberation from entities like government intervention, political influences and traditional banking systems. By fostering a community of individuals sharing beliefs members examine how Bitcoin can serve as a currency resistant to censorship empowering people to manage their financial futures independently. Through promoting awareness and comprehension of Bitcoin's ideas, BITCOIN Ukraine plays a role in promoting empowerment and financial independence within the Ukrainian cryptocurrency community.


The Crypto Ukraine Chat Telegram channel is a community with over 4,800 members. It serves as a platform for those interested in cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. The channel offers engaging discussions, informative resources, and interactive content to provide insights into the world of digital assets. It creates an environment for learning and exploration.

A notable feature of Crypto Ukraine Chat is its P2P exchange which allows members to trade cryptocurrencies securely and conveniently. This peer-to-peer exchange enables transactions for buying and selling assets effortlessly. By offering a variety of cryptocurrencies and promoting a community-driven trading approach Crypto Ukraine Chat encourages participation in the crypto market while enhancing members' knowledge and skills in this field.

Cryptocurrency Ukraine:

Cryptocurrency Ukraine is a Telegram channel that focuses on delivering interesting content about the cryptocurrency world. It covers a range of topics such as retrodrops, nodes, testnets, giveaways, ICOs and smart contracts ensuring its subscribers stay updated with the news and insights. By sourcing information from insider sources like 2TOP, ELRMCF and Crypto soft, Cryptocurrency Ukraine offers valuable insights into the changing landscape of digital assets.

With its content and thorough coverage Cryptocurrency Ukraine proves to be a resource for those looking to stay informed about crypto developments. Whether you're an investor or someone new to cryptocurrencies exploring this space, the channel provides a platform for learning and engaging with like-minded individuals. Committed to providing relevant content, Cryptocurrency Ukraine remains a trusted source of information and community for enthusiasts in Ukraine and beyond.

How do I sell Bitcoin in Ukraine

History of Ukraine’s Cryptocurrency Adoption

Ukraine's venture into the world of cryptocurrency adoption has been a journey marked by achievements and proactive steps to embrace assets as part of its economic and technological progress. 12.7% of the population in Ukraine are cryptocurrency owners positioning the country as a frontrunner in crypto adoption. The formation of the Ministry of Digital Transformation in August 2019 reflected the government's dedication to promoting initiatives and fostering innovation in areas like e-government and electronic services. This ministry plays a role in shaping state policies related to digitization, open data and electronic trust services setting the stage for Ukraine’s crypto-friendly environment.

The approval by President Volodymyr Zelensky of a bill legalizing cryptocurrency in Ukraine on March 16, 2022 represented a milestone in how the country views assets. This official recognition provided a framework and legal standing for cryptocurrency usage boosting confidence among investors and businesses operating within the crypto industry in times of tensions. Amidst war concerns Ukraine adeptly utilized cryptocurrencies' speed and decentralized nature to address urgent financial requirements. The country efficiently raised funds through initiatives like selling non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and accepting cryptocurrency donations, demonstrating the use of digital assets during challenging times.

Ukraine's innovative approach to using cryptocurrency for fundraising showcases its adaptability in leveraging technologies for economic resilience. By embracing solutions and tapping into the support of the crypto community Ukraine has proven its capacity to adjust to evolving situations and take advantage of decentralized finance opportunities. Continued collaboration among government bodies, companies and the crypto community is set to drive Ukraine's cryptocurrency adoption in its economy leading to growth and innovation in the digital asset sector.

Alternative Ways to Exchange Bitcoin in Ukraine

How do I sell Bitcoin in Ukraine? Apart from bank wire transfers, there are other ways to sell Bitcoin in Ukraine.

Crypto ATMs:

The presence of crypto ATMs or Bitcoin ATMs in Ukraine provides people with a way to convert their cryptocurrency into cash or vice versa. These machines are components of the cryptocurrency ecosystem making it easy for you to buy or sell Bitcoin using cash or debit cards. With the increasing number of ATMs in Ukraine individuals have options to engage with digital assets making cryptocurrency transactions more user-friendly.

Additionally crypto ATMs play a role in promoting Ukraine's cryptocurrency adoption by bridging the gap between the physical worlds. These ATMs serve as entry points into the cryptocurrency market for those who lack access to banking services or online exchanges. Featuring user interfaces and simple transaction processes crypto ATMs cater to users of all levels of experience, democratizing access to assets and enabling individuals to participate in Ukraine's growing cryptocurrency market.

Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Trading:

Peer-to-peer trading platforms in Ukraine allow cryptocurrency buyers and sellers to trade directly without needing intermediaries. This decentralized approach gives users freedom and flexibility in their trading letting them tailor their experiences to suit their preferences. By establishing marketplaces these platforms enable users to interact, negotiate and complete trades independently, promoting autonomy and self-reliance in cryptocurrency transactions. Through P2P trading individuals in Ukraine can customize their trading strategies. Participate in transactions that meet their needs and objectives.

Additionally P2P trading platforms operating in Ukraine help promote inclusivity. Broaden access to cryptocurrencies by allowing people from backgrounds and locations to engage with the digital asset market. With user interfaces and easy-to-use features these platforms empower users to trade cryptocurrencies encouraging more widespread adoption of digital assets among Ukrainians. By facilitating peer-to-peer interactions and creating an environment for trading activities P2P platforms play a vital role in advancing the acceptance and accessibility of cryptocurrencies in Ukraine while driving growth within the country's cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Crypto Debit Cards:

Crypto debit cards serve as a vital link between digital currencies and traditional currencies in Ukraine. They allow Bitcoin holders to make purchases at stores easily and withdraw cash from ATMs. These cards seamlessly blend into the existing payment infrastructure enabling cryptocurrency users in Ukraine to use their Bitcoin for expenses. By linking their cryptocurrency balances to a debit card people can access a variety of merchants and ATM networks making it more practical to use assets and expand their buying power within the Ukrainian economy.

Apart from facilitating transactions crypto debit cards also offer Ukrainian users increased liquidity for their cryptocurrency investments. With the option to cash out from ATMs these cards provide a way to convert assets into fiat currency quickly whenever needed. Additionally they help promote Ukraine's cryptocurrency adoption by offering a to-use method for using Bitcoin in financial transactions thus strengthening the connection between digital currencies and traditional banking services in Ukraine.

Over-the-Counter (OTC) Desks:

In Ukraine there are trading platforms called over-the-counter (OTC) desks that cater to investors and traders in the cryptocurrency market. These desks provide customized services and personal assistance to clients giving them access to liquidity and making cryptocurrency transactions easier. With their knowledge and understanding of market trends OTC desks help institutional traders navigate the complexities of the cryptocurrency world ensuring efficient trades.

Additionally OTC desks in Ukraine contribute to improving liquidity and stability in the country's cryptocurrency market. By facilitating off-exchange transactions, these platforms play a crucial role in balancing the market and reducing price fluctuations. They also focus on keeping transaction details confidential and ensuring trade executions. Essentially OTC desks act as partners for traders looking to engage strategically in Ukraine's vibrant cryptocurrency industry.

Considerations Before Selling Bitcoin in Ukraine

How do I sell Bitcoin in Ukraine? When you're looking to sell Bitcoin in Ukraine, it's important to take into account the factors to make sure your transaction goes smoothly and successfully;

Market Conditions:

Keeping an eye on the market situation such as trends, trading activity and price changes is essential for making informed choices when selling Bitcoin. By staying updated on market shifts, traders can spot chances to increase profits and manage risks efficiently.

Transaction Fees:

When you decide to sell Bitcoin it's important to take into account the fees involved like exchange fees and network transaction fees to make sure you get the most out of your earnings. Exchange fees can differ depending on the platform. It may consist of fixed charges or a percentage of the transaction value. Network transaction fees are essential for facilitating Bitcoin transactions on the blockchain network. It can change depending on network activity and transaction urgency. Keeping yourself updated on these fees will help you fine-tune your selling approach and safeguard your profits.

Tax Implications:

Make sure you keep up to date with the tax regulations in Ukraine concerning cryptocurrency transactions to stay compliant and steer clear of any problems with tax authorities.

Security Measures:

When participating in cryptocurrency transactions in Ukraine it is crucial to prioritize security measures. By setting up passwords, using two-factor authentication and remaining alert to cyber threats you can protect your funds and personal details from potential dangers and scams.


Assessing market liquidity is crucial for making trades and mitigating the effects of price changes when selling Bitcoin in Ukraine. By keeping an eye on liquidity patterns you can pinpoint the times to sell and carry out transactions with efficiency, lowering the chances of facing major price fluctuations or delays.


How do I sell Bitcoin in Ukraine? Selling Bitcoin in Ukraine is quite possible and convenient with PlasBit’s bank wire transfers that offer solutions for converting digital assets into cash. Ukraine provides a variety of options for selling Bitcoin, including bank transfers, peer-to-peer trading platforms and the convenience of crypto ATMs. The recent regulatory progress and the country's proactive stance on embracing cryptocurrencies have made selling Bitcoin in Ukraine more accessible and transparent. Whether using bank transfersor exploring alternative methods, you can confidently navigate cryptocurrency transactions. As Ukraine moves towards regulations and wider acceptance of digital assets there are increasing opportunities to participate in the crypto market, opening up new possibilities for financial empowerment and technological advancement.