Why Cant I Receive SMS Verification Codes

Drew Davis
6 months ago

PlasBit is continuously improving the SMS Authentication coverage to enhance your experience on the platform. However, there are some countries and areas currently not supported.

If you can't enable SMS Authentication, please refer to PlasBit's Global SMS coverage list to check if your area is covered. If your region is not covered on the list, please use Google Authentication as your primary two-factor authentication (2FA). For more information, refer to the following guide: How to Enable Google Authentication (2FA).

If you've enabled SMS Authentication or you're residing in a region that's in our Global SMS coverage list, but you still can't receive SMS codes, please take the following steps:

1. Ensure that your mobile phone has a good network signal.

2. Turn off your anti-virus and/or firewall and/or call blocker apps on your mobile phone that might potentially block our SMS Code number.

3. Restart your mobile phone.

4. Reset SMS Authentication.

For more information on how to reset your SMS Authentication, please refer here.

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