Michael Terpin Crypto: The Godfather of Blockchain

Michael Terpin Crypto

Every crypto enthusiast wants to know about Michael Terpin Crypto, as he keeps rolling out contributions and new ideas in the crypto sector. Many call him the crypto godfather because of his achievements and qualifications. While several industry players may have contributed significantly to crypto mass adoption, Terpin is involved in almost every successful crypto project.

This article by PlasBit will cover Michael Terpin's roles, investments, and contributions to blockchain, AI, and related technologies. From his background to his investments in projects like Ethereum, the founding of the Transform Group, and his vision for digital finance, here, you will find everything you need to know about Michael Terpin.

Who Is Micheal Terpin? All You Need to Know About the Crypto Godfather

As his name implies, Michael Terpin Crypto is one of the initial crypto investors who championed crypto and AI adoption before Bitcoin became popular and other blockchains like Ethereum disrupted finance. He’s been catering to blockchain solutions critical to human survival, creating a decades-long legacy. The United States-born mogul has been at the forefront of cutting-edge innovations in the cryptocurrency space. He played a huge role in offering numerous marketing and advisory efforts for many early crypto projects, such as Tether and Ethereum.

Michael Terpin Crypto and a few other crypto enthusiasts started their journey at a time when crypto adoption was still minimal. Eleven years ago, in 2013, he co-founded BitAngels, the world's first angel network for digital currency startups. He was influential in founding the first ICO, Mastercoin, through BitAngels. He also co-founded The Dapps Fund, one of the earliest crypto venture funds, alongside his BitAngels co-founder, David A. Johnston, in 2014. Terpin's contributions extend beyond investments; he has organized the long-running investor conference series in crypto, now known as Tokenize (formerly CoinAgenda), since 2014.

In 2013, Michael Terpin studied the Bitcoin cycles and made a bold prediction about the market value of Bitcoin. He stated that Bitcoin, valued at less than $300, would reach $10,000 by 2020. He also developed the “Four Seasons of Bitcoin” model, which he shared with family offices and conferences worldwide. In 2023, his predictions came to pass owing to the current surge in Bitcoin prices. Throughout his career, Terpin has delivered keynote speeches at numerous blockchain events, most notably the Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

Before his crypto involvement, he was a tech entrepreneur and serial investor. He was also consistently recognized in online public relations, marketing, newswire distribution, social media, and Web 2.0 marketing.

Early Life and Background of Micheal Terpin

Apart from being a prominent figure in the blockchain and crypto world, Michael Terpin's career growth resulted from his curiosity and entrepreneurial spirit from a young age. His early exposure to technology and innovation fueled his passion. As a young adult, he attended Syracuse University, pursuing dual bachelor degrees in Newspaper Journalism and English Literature. He then obtained a master’s degree in creative writing at SUNY in Buffalo.

During these formative years, he laid the foundation for his future endeavors. Terpin's career trajectory took off as early as the early 1990s when he founded The Terpin Group, later known as Terpin Communications Inc. It was a PR firm that leveraged early multimedia. The company was later sold to Morgen-Walke Lighthouse in 2001. Terpin founded Internet Wire in 1994, rebranding to Market Wire in 2003 after a strategic deal with NASDAQ. The company was sold to CCN Matthews in 2006 for $35 million.

In the same year, Terpin founded SocialRadius, a social media marketing firm with an international client base. The company is now part of the famed Transform Group.

Following suit in 2013, Terpin co-founded CommPro Global and BitAngels. He also founded the Transform Group, which has grown over the years and represents over 300 blockchain and cryptocurrency companies. CommPro Global is a digital destination for PR, investor relations, social media, digital advertising, and corporate communications professionals.

BitAngels, on the other hand, was an idea that started from a cocktail conversation with David Johnston. After two weeks, the company expanded to over 100 members and $10 million in funding. The company is an angel investor group focused on identifying, funding, and mentoring early-stage start-ups in the crypto space.

After BitAngels, Terpin founded CoinAgenda in 2014. CoinAgenda is a sub-division of Transform Ventures. He also became a partner at Flight VC, an angel syndicate that invests in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Terpin co-founded eCommerce Labs in 2015, a foundry-style incubator focused on creating consumer companies that utilize blockchain technology.

In 2021, he became CEO of Transform Ventures, a majority owner of Layer1 Events, First Block, and other incubated companies. In 2022, Terpin co-founded OpenCarbon, an enterprise-grade NFT marketplace for carbon credits. These and many more achievements won him numerous awards and fame.

Influence on the Cryptocurrency Industry

Michael Terpin’s marketing prowess and PR efforts helped over 100 blockchain companies and foundations. He played key roles in launching projects like Augur, Counterparty, Dash, Ethereum, Factom, and Golem Network, and with an innate ability to communicate complex concepts to diverse audiences, these projects took off sporadically.

Terpin is simply one of those people who have their way with men. Hence, his gifts have become instrumental in shaping public perception and adoption of blockchain technology. His groundbreaking initiative, BitAngels, has been responsible for connecting investors with digital currency startups. BitAngels now boasts over 500 members globally and is still growing.

Some of the companies benefiting from BitAngels’ network include:

1. FairAdsApp, an innovative advertising project aiming to revolutionize ad delivery.

2. VPI Labs, A startup, is exploring cutting-edge technologies like virtual reality, IoT, or blockchain.

3. Drip Rewards, Focused on loyalty programs and blockchain-based user engagement.

4. Covia ai, an AI-driven solution to power AI orchestrations, trust, and decentralized collaboration.

Cryptocurrency VS Artificial Intelligence

Looking at economic trajectories, it’s no longer news that AI will drive the future economy, especially in the crypto industry, and Terpin has prepared for this. He believes the intersection of blockchain and artificial intelligence (AI) will define the tech landscape. The most likely scenario would be blockchain providing the secure and transparent infrastructure AI will need to scale, as we have seen in Bittensor TAO. AI, in turn, will enhance the efficiency and scalability of blockchain networks.

Notable Achievement's Of Micheal Terpin

As the founder and CEO of Transform Group, Michael Terpin led PR efforts for more than 100 blockchain companies and foundations, including successful token crowd sales like Augur, Dash, Ethereum, Factom, and Golem Network. Terpin’s organization, BitAngels, the first angel group for Bitcoin and blockchain investors, established the BitAngels Dapps Fund, which invested $6 million in ICOs (Initial Coin Offering) such as Ethereum, Maidsafe, Factom, and Storj.

Notably, he has been a general partner at Alphabit Fund, managing a $400 million digital currency fund. He also co-founded the Bitcoin Syndicate on AngelList, facilitating investments in Bitcoin startups.

Michael Terpin Crypto, through his startup BitAngels, has also supported well-known crypto ventures, including Transform Ventures, DNA Fund, Cointelegraph, Alpha Transform Holdings, and Expert Dojo, fostering connections and accelerating blockchain adoption globally.

According to him, having a community is one of the drivers of new technologies or industries. Following this principle, Terpin’s brainchild, CoinAgenda, was formed, serving as an event series for cryptocurrency investors and blockchain innovators. These conferences provide a platform for networking, knowledge exchange, and investment opportunities, creating a community of like minds. Thought leaders, entrepreneurs, and enthusiasts unite in these virtual and IRL events to accelerate the growth of crypto projects.

Working closely with Transform Ventures, Terpin also incubates and advises projects specializing in uniting blockchain and AI abilities. His portfolio includes ventures like OpenCarbon, an AI-powered carbon credit marketplace, and First Block, a blockchain financial and news distribution platform. As a thought leader, Terpin analyzes, essays, reports, and contributes to social media and web topics.

Micheal Terpin's Views on the Future of Blockchain and AI

When interviewed at the Wow Summit in 2023, Terpin emphasized the potential of AI to enhance the security and trustworthiness of blockchain networks. He believed that AI could analyze vast amounts of data to detect anomalies and potential threats, providing additional protection to blockchain systems. Also, AI algorithms can identify unusual transaction data patterns, helping detect and prevent fraudulent activities.

In the future, he explained how AI can be used to audit smart contracts, ensuring they are free from vulnerabilities while functioning as intended. He relentlessly advocates, believing AI to be a powerful tool for automating and optimizing processes within blockchain networks. Subjectively, it can lead to more efficient and scalable systems; hence, for blockchain to scale up smoothly, it needs AI.

Terpin highlights AI's potential to provide predictive analytics and market insights within the crypto space. AI can analyze market trends, sentiment, and historical data to offer valuable predictions and investment strategies. AI can also enable personalized financial services by analyzing user data and preferences. Terpin sees this as a way to democratize access to financial services and improve user experiences.

Among all these opportunities, Terpin acknowledges the ethical challenges associated with AI and blockchain integration. Hence, he has begun to develop ethical guidelines and standards to ensure that AI is used responsibly. AI models must be designed to minimize bias and ensure fairness, particularly in financial services and decision-making processes. To achieve this, he believes the blockchain can provide transparency and accountability for AI systems, allowing stakeholders to audit AI decisions and hold developers accountable.

He advocates for collaboration between industry stakeholders and regulators to develop frameworks that support innovation while addressing risks. Given the global nature of blockchain and AI, Terpin endorses developing international standards to ensure interoperability and consistency.

Finally, he envisions a future where blockchain and AI are seamlessly integrated into everyday life, enhancing various aspects.

Michael Terpin Crypto

Advice to Crypto Investors

For most crypto investors who look up to Terpin, his social media posts and videos are priceless. He often encourages people through his social accounts, helping them onboard smoothly. He emphasizes that crypto is more than just financial gains and losses; it creates a community to provide solutions.

In an “Anything is Possible Podcast” episode with Patrick Taang, Terpin emphasized that if you find yourself with more time than money, consider it a valuable resource. Reflect on what truly matters to you during that time. He mentioned Malcolm Gladwell’s concept of spending 10,000 hours to master a skill as a “time” investment one can make in learning about crypto.

He also highlighted that rather than diving into something entirely new, focus on refining what you already have expertise in. Research and choose a path that resonates with you and allows you to make a positive impact while sustaining a livelihood. He is also very particular about security when it comes to crypto. He preaches the importance of choosing a secure phone provider and a wallet, cautioning against using major phone companies due to the risk of SIM card swapping fraud, which can lead to the theft of cryptocurrency assets.

Terpin’s Legal Battles, Including AT&T Service Providers Hacking

In 2017, hackers targeted Micheal Terpin Crypto by bribing an AT&T employee to swap his SIM cards and settings. They diverted calls and messages, gaining control over his phone number. The hackers then reset passwords and accessed Terpin’s accounts, stealing approximately $24 million in cryptocurrency.

Terpin filed a lawsuit against AT&T in 2018, alleging that the company had failed to prevent the attack and identity theft. His claims included allegations of negligence, contract breach, and Communications Act violation.

When the matter started, the court allowed some of Terpin’s claims to proceed, especially the claim establishing a “special relationship” between him and AT&T. Still, suddenly, in a surprising turn, the court ruled in favor of AT&T, dismissing the case for lack of sufficient evidence and preventing Terpin from recovering any damages.

The primary suspect behind this attack was Nicholas Truglia, a 21-year-old New Yorker. Terpin took legal action against Truglia and another hacker, Ellis Pinsky, who orchestrated the theft. Pinsky, often dubbed "Baby Al Capone" by several news media, admitted to swiping the funds via a SIM swap. After years of legal battles, Terpin recently reached an agreement with Pinsky, recovering $22 million of the stolen amount.

Micheal Terpin's Net Worth

Due to cryptocurrencies' anonymous nature, Michael Terpin's net worth is still in debate. Still, several activities associated with the wealthy crypto millionaire suggest that he has gathered significant wealth, especially from profits gained through early investment in major blockchain projects. There are rumors that Michael Terpin Crypto's net worth remains well above $500 million.

Several facts seem to back some of these claims, including his involvement and victory in several crypto legal battles. Among the fiercest legal battles he has fought is the Los Angeles case in the Superior Court, where he won $75.8 million. He filed the case in January 2018, and his victory paid off in millions. Before the Los Angeles case, he had already retrieved $2 million from the gang’s leader, Ellis Pinsky, the malicious crypto hacker who masterminded the attack on his cryptocurrency wallet.

Also, the fact that he sold his company, invested very early in Ethereum, and is closely associated with several successful crypto projects proves these claims aren’t your regular empty claims.

Stance on the Regulation and Security of Cryptocurrencies

When Terpin co-founded BitAngels, an initiative to foster investment and collaboration in the crypto space, his objective was to build a trusted, friendly, and secure investment ecosystem. He recounted that over the years, several crypto regulation failures have occurred. He has continued to hammer on the importance of regulated exchanges for liquidity and free investment trading.

Terpin believes that the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) market is not dead but faces challenges due to regulatory ambiguity. In some of his videos, you will hear him assert how U.S. regulatory agencies like the SEC and FinCEN have failed in their roles to provide clear rules for ICOs, leading to uncertainty and irregularities among crypto projects. He emphasizes the need for regulatory clarity to allow ICOs to operate safely within the United States. Without such guidance, companies may struggle to market their tokens effectively.

After Terpin’s ordeal with a hacker in a SIM swapping fraud, he penned a public letter urging the FCC's Ajit Pai to take immediate steps against this scam. In his letter, Terpin proposes two regulations: first, by concealing customer passwords from mobile carrier staff, and second, by implementing a "no port" option. This option would require customers to verify with the carrier's fraud department before their phone number can be transferred to a different SIM card.

Terpin engages with policymakers and regulators to advocate for balanced and forward-thinking regulations. He recognizes the importance of a conducive regulatory environment for blockchain innovation. He emphasizes the need for rules that protect consumers and investors while fostering innovation and growth within the industry.

What Newbies Need to Learn from The Crypto Icon

Michael Terpin's platforms, including Transform PR and CoinAgenda, provide educational resources, networking opportunities, and insights for crypto newbies and enthusiasts. Terpin has participated in exclusive interviews in which he shares insights on the future of blockchain and AI.

His discussions cover topics like how blockchain provides a secure infrastructure for AI and how AI can enhance the efficiency of blockchain networks. He believes that the intersection of these technologies will be a significant trend in the tech industry in the future.

Anyone new to the crypto industry will benefit significantly from reading some of Micheal Terpins's articles and watching Terpin’s explanations on YouTube.

Experience that Reshaped Approach to Blockchain Passwords and Security

Following Terpin’s experience with his SIM swap, which made him lose millions, Terpin discovered a weakness in telecom security. Terpin's attackers exploited negative gaps within the telecom industry, specifically targeting his mobile carrier, AT&T. They convinced an AT&T employee to transfer his phone number to a SIM card in the attacker’s possession. With control of Terpin’s phone number, the attackers could reset passwords and bypass 2FA on various crypto exchange accounts.

The lawsuit brought significant attention to the issue of SIM swapping, prompting telecom companies and crypto exchanges to reevaluate their security protocols. Terpin’s experience emphasized the need for enhanced security measures, such as hardware-based 2FA (e.g., YubiKeys) and more secure communication channels.

So far, he has become a strong advocate for more robust security measures within the blockchain industry. He emphasizes the importance of:

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

We are moving beyond SMS-based 2FA to more protected procedures such as app-based 2FA and hardware tokens. Companies like PlasBit, a crypto company, employ cutting-edge MFA systems to ensure the security of crypto assets.

Decentralized Security Solutions

Focusing on blockchain technology to create decentralized identity and security solutions that reduce reliance on centralized entities like telecom companies.

Decentralized Finance (DeFi)

Terpin is also a strong advocate of decentralized finance (DeFi). He advises that blockchain technology be used in creating open, clear, and transparent financial systems. He supports DeFi projects that aim to give access to financial services and reduce dependence on old financial intermediaries.

While he plays a significant role in organizing and participating in industry events encouraging collaboration, knowledge sharing, and exchanging ideas, he also mentors upcoming entrepreneurs and innovators, helping build vibrant blockchain communities. He puts in so much effort to contribute to developing a collaborative ecosystem where new ideas and technologies can flow.

He hopes for a time when blockchain technology is extensively integrated into various aspects of society, from finance and supply chain management to healthcare and governance. He believes that blockchain has the future to create more precise, efficient, and equitable systems.


Michael Terpin is a clear example of his advice on mastering what you do. His rise in the crypto world and relevance today tell a story about his passion, vision, and commitment to innovation. Terpin's entry into the crypto space began with the co-founding of BitAngels in 2013, the very first angel networks for digital currency startups, and the establishment of Transform Group, a PR firm dedicated to blockchain projects. His early decisions, ideas, investments, and initiatives significantly influenced the crypto industry and positioned him as pivotal.

Looking to the future, Terpin and other crypto investors like himself envision a world where blockchain and AI technologies converge to enhance various sectors. Michael Terpin’s contributions to the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry are vast and multifaceted. From pioneering early investment networks to advocating for more robust security measures and balanced regulations, his impact is undeniable.

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