Hackers stole $8m from bitkeep wallets exploit

bitkeep hack

As the holiday season unfolds, the crypto community faces a harsh reality—hackers have been working tirelessly to exploit vulnerabilities in the popular multichain crypto wallet, BitKeep, resulting in approximately $8 million theft. This incident, reported by numerous users on December 26, has prompted the BitKeep team to issue urgent warnings and take swift action.

Details of the Hack

BitKeep users discovered their funds were siphoned off and transferred from their wallets on December 26. The BitKeep team, acknowledging the breach in their official Telegram group, attributed the compromise to attackers hijacking APK package downloads. In an alarming revelation, they stated, "If your funds are stolen, the application you download or update may be an unknown version (unofficial release version) hijacked."

Response and Recommendations

In response to the ongoing hack, BitKeep immediately urged its users to transfer their funds exclusively from official sources such as Google Play and the Apple App Store. Simultaneously, users were advised to shift to newly created wallet addresses, as their previous addresses might have already been "leaked to hackers." To aid the investigation, the BitKeep team requested affected users submit relevant materials through a provided Google form.

Financial Impact

While the amount exploited remains uncertain, one identified hacker wallet has already accumulated over $5 million in digital assets. Blockchain security and analytics firm PeckShield shed light on the severity of the situation, revealing that more than $8 million in Tether, DAI, BNB, and Ether has been stolen thus far. The attackers continue to transfer funds to multiple wallet addresses, compounding the complexity of the investigation.

History of Exploits

This recent hack follows a previous exploit on October 17 when BitKeep fell victim to an attack resulting in the theft of $1 million worth of BNB. The exploit, facilitated through a service enabling token swaps, prompted the wallet firm to suspend benefits and pledge to reimburse all affected users.


As BitKeep grapples with the aftermath of another significant security breach, users are reminded of the paramount importance of vigilance and adopting stringent security measures. The crypto community anxiously awaits further developments, hoping for swift resolution and enhanced security protocols to prevent such incidents.


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