December 1st Weekly Crypto Recap: KyberSwap Hack, Cristiano Ronaldo Sued Over Binance, Charlie Munger dies.

1.12.2023 Weekly Crypto Recap

The cryptocurrency market has been firmly and steadily maintaining its positive momentum in anticipation of the SEC's long-awaited approval of a BTC ETF.

Weekly crypto recap

#Bitcoin +2.2% a t $38,200

#Ethereum +1.2% at $2,090

Star Coin is🌟$USTC +155% at $6.51🌟

Mint Cash Launches Stablecoin Using Terra Classic Code

A project called Mint Cash, @wemintcash, is attempting to revive $UST by launching a Bitcoin-backed stablecoin, utilizing the original Terra Classic codebase. Bitcoin collateral is necessary for the minting of new Cash stablecoins.

There are initiatives for an airdrop aimed at both pre-crash $LUNA and $UST holders, along with new $USTC holders, which will be executed via a unique type of lockdrop.

The results of this experimental project will be fascinating.

mint cash

Charlie Munger, dies at age 99

Billionaire Charlie Munger, Vice Chairman of Berkshire Hathaway, dies at age 99.

Charlie was an infamous crypto hater and 15 minutes after he passed away, @Uniswap debuted a meme coin called #Munger. Shortly after its launch, the token was up over 31,500%.

The token has erased all the profits and is now priced at 0.00000002636🤨


Cristiano Ronaldo Sued over Binance Promotion

Cristiano Ronaldo, @Cristiano, is facing a lawsuit filed in a Florida Court for promoting #Binance.

The plaintiffs claim his endorsement led them to make loss-making investments.

They seek damages of £790m.😲

MicroStrategy keeps accumulating Bitcoins

MicroStrategy purchases an additional 16,130 #Bitcoin worth $593.3 million.

New crypto tax Bill in Brazil

New bill is awaiting presidential approval in Brazil, Imposing a 15% Tax on Crypto Earnings Held on Offshore Exchanges.

KyberSwap hack update🚨

 The hacker responsible for the $46 million @KyberSwap hack has finally outlined their demands for the return of the stolen funds. These demands notably include gaining "complete executive control" over the Kyber company.

Demanding the surrender of all Kyber company assets, both on-chain and off-chain, including shares, equity and tokens or the company will go under.

kyberswap hack

As the market awakens, we're dealing with chaotic circumstances due to these hacks.

Hopefully, this will lead to a strengthening of security in the sector.

Wishing all a peaceful weekend🕊️

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