Virtual Card Anonymous

Virtual Card Anonymous

The demand for secure and private payment methods has grown exponentially as the world becomes more digitized and transactions are increasingly conducted online.

As a result, traditional cards and accounts linked and intertwined with personal details have become more under the spotlight for the risks they pose to an individual's finances and economic freedom. Cryptocurrency and virtual cards have emerged out of this climate, but for all the talk of privacy, none have offered complete and genuine anonymity. That is, until now.

At PlasBit, we have pioneered a new class of payment cards, the Virtual Card Anonymous, which combines the flexibility of a virtual debit card with the anonymity inherent in cryptocurrency. This article will examine what a Virtual Card Anonymous is, its features and benefits, and why online anonymity is so beneficial when making transactions.

What Is a Virtual Payment Card?

A virtual payment card is a digital version of a physical payment card that can be purchased online or by phone. It provides a secure and convenient way to shop without a physical card.

Before we even discuss the benefits of anonymity, there are many great reasons already to choose a virtual card, which include:

  • Increased Security: Virtual payment cards offer an extra layer of security for online transactions. Since they are not physical cards, they cannot be lost or stolen, reducing the risk of fraudulent activity.
  • Convenience: Virtual payment cards can be easily created and managed online, saving users the hassle of visiting a bank or waiting for a physical card to arrive in the mail. This mainly benefits those residing in remote locations with restricted access to banking services.
  • Easy Tracking: Since virtual payment cards are a digital product, online account management makes tracking and monitoring transactions easy.
  • Budgeting: Virtual payment cards can be used as a budgeting tool, allowing users to set a specific amount of money for online purchases made with the Card.
  • Low Fees: Unlike traditional debit cards, virtual payment cards often come with lower fees, making them a more attractive proposition.

The Importance of Online Anonymity

Anonymous online activity involves concealing one's identity while utilizing the internet. It protects personal privacy while engaging in various activities. "anonymous" is often used to describe someone who cannot be identified by name or traceable information. This is important in understanding why and how a Virtual Card Anonymous works.

As far as the internet is concerned, anonymous online activity refers to a situation where a person's identity is not revealed by their actual name or any other form of personal information like an email or IP address linked directly to their identity. This anonymity allows people to access websites, post messages, and make purchases without being tracked or monitored by third parties. As a result, data and information is kept secure, and people can feel safe knowing that their identity is not linked to what they do online.

Remaining anonymous on the web when making transactions can have several advantages, such as:

  • Safeguarding Your Privacy: Staying anonymous prevents third parties from connecting your data to you as an individual. This can benefit those who wish to keep their data from being accessed without their knowledge or approval.
  • Guarding against online harassment: By remaining anonymous online, one can help shield themselves from online harassment. Keeping one's identity hidden stops others from being able to trace back to them, thus stopping any malicious messages or content from being directed at them.
  • Preserving freedom of expression: Keep anonymity when using the internet to preserve freedom of speech. Without the presence of one's real name, it is more complicated for someone to single out an individual for expressing their opinion on specific topics or matters. The same applies to financial donations made to specific causes by the individual.
  • Protecting yourself: It is possible to protect your details by being anonymous online. This means others cannot access your personal information, like your address or telephone number.
Virtual Card Anonymous

Virtual Card Anonymous: The Solution from PlasBit

What if a way existed to combine all the benefits of a virtual payment card with those of staying anonymous online? Well, the great news is that we have the solution.

Virtual Card Anonymous is both a virtual payment card and the first to provide true anonymity to its users. Many virtual cards on the market are linked to bank accounts or require extensive identification and verification for the Card to be activated and functional. Even though some of these cards allow for crypto transactions and have linked crypto wallets, the way they are structured is the opposite of what decentralized blockchain technology is all about. One of crypto's central economic freedoms and benefits is lost when a virtual card is linked directly to a person's identity and financial data.

Using a Virtual Card Anonymous from PlasBit could not be more different. Firstly, instead of being linked to your verified personal identity, an email address is required to sign up for a card. Secondly, Virtual Card Anonymous is not funded via a bank account, so there is no link to your identity through the traditional financial system. Instead, the Card is linked to a crypto wallet, which requires no identity verification other than an email address.

At PlasBit, we also know there is very little utility in a virtual card with a low limit on how much it can be funded. We have solved this problem with our Virtual Card Anonymous allowing you to load $50,000 onto the Card each month. With this powerful virtual payment card, you can buy anything from a laptop to a car, bicycle to accommodation costs.

Virtual Card Anonymous or Pseudo-anonymous?

You may have heard "Pseudo-anonymous" when Bitcoin (BTC) is being discussed. It refers to the idea that cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin can be anonymous but still record everything on a public ledger. At first glance, this is a paradox - how can something publically viewable also be private and anonymous?

In simple terms, while the activity on the blockchain is public, it is not automatically linked to any individual's details. This means that when using a Virtual Card Anonymous, the wallet you use to fund the Card, and its transactions, are viewable and immutable on the blockchain. However, at the same time, there is no requirement for any personal details to be attached to that wallet address.

This ultimately means that while the funding activity of a Virtual Card Anonymous can be tracked, this trail leads back to an anonymous crypto wallet with no personal details linked to it. Whatever you want to call it, at PlasBit, we know we have pioneered the highest level of anonymity available when using a virtual payment card.

Example: Making An Anonymous Payment With a Virtual Card Anonymous

Let's say you want to purchase online, but wish to stay anonymous. You could sign up for a PlasBit Virtual Card Anonymous and wallet and, with only an email address, have the Card quickly up and running. You send some Bitcoin (BTC) to the wallet address, which funds the Card.

Perhaps the website you are ordering from is in the United Kingdom, but you are in the US. With Virtual Card Anonymous, this is no problem at all. You can transact in any supported local fiat currency using the Visa network. Remember, the virtual Card acts like a Visa debit card, accepted worldwide. This transaction is also likely to cost a lot less in fees than using a traditional third-party payment processor. We are also transparent about our fees, working to keep them as low as possible for our valued users.

Virtual and Physical Anonymous Cards: The Best of Both Worlds

While Virtual Card Anonymous offers numerous benefits over traditional payment cards, there are some instances where a physical card may be a helpful addition. With our service, you can have a physical card that provides the same level of anonymity and privacy. Here are a few reasons why a virtual payment card user may want a physical card:

Merchant Acceptance: While virtual payment cards are becoming more widely accepted, some merchants still only accept physical cards. In such cases, having a physical card can be helpful.

Travel: A physical card can be a better option when traveling to places with limited internet connectivity. In such cases, a virtual card may not work, leaving the traveler stranded without any means to pay for goods or services.

Emergency Situations: In an emergency where a virtual card cannot be accessed, a physical card can be a lifesaver. For example, suppose a virtual card is lost or stolen. In that case, the user may not be able to access it until they have internet connectivity, which may not be available in all locations.

ATM Withdrawals: While virtual payment cards are designed for online transactions, some users may want to withdraw cash from ATMs. In such cases, a physical card is required.

Backup: Having a physical card as a backup can provide peace of mind to users. In case of any issues with the virtual Card, the physical Card can be a backup option.

While virtual payment cards offer many advantages over traditional payment cards, there are still some situations where a physical card may be helpful. It is always wise and advisable to have a backup option to ensure users can make payments, regardless of the situation.

Conclusion: The Future of Online Transactions with Virtual Cards Anonymous

As the world becomes more digital and transactions are increasingly conducted online, secure and genuinely anonymous payment methods have become more critical than ever. With Virtual Card Anonymous, users can enjoy the convenience of online shopping without worrying about identity theft or fraud. In addition, it offers high security and privacy, making it a safer and more secure option for online transactions. At PlasBit, our unique Virtual Card Anonymous is the future of online transactions and a payment method that stays here.

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